Zulu.Lieutenant John Chard: What's our strength? Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead: Seven officers including surgeon, commissaries and so on; Adendorff now I suppose; wounded and sick 36, fit for duty 97 and about 40 native levies. Not much of an army for you.
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Lt. Augustus W. Hill, 57th Regt.
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· Inggonyama MALANDELA kaLuzumana
· Inggonyama NTOMBELA kaMalandela
· Inggonyama ZULU kaNtombhela c1709/-
· Inggonyama GHUMEDE kaZulu
· Inggonyama PHUNGA kaGhumede -/1727
· Inggonyama MAGEBA kaPhunga 1727/1745
· Inggonyama NDABA kaMageba 1745/1763, had issue.
· Inggonyama JAMA kaNdaba (qv)
· Nkwelo kaNdaba, had issue.
· Mbaza kaNkwelo, had issue.
· Lukilimba kaMbaza
· Mudli kaNkwelo, had issue.
· Mkhithika kaMudli
· Sigwebana kaMudli
· Zishungu kaMudli, married Inggonyama Senzangakhona (see below)
· Thimuni kaMudli, had issue.
· Chakijana kaThimuni
· Ndlovu kaThimuni, had issue.
· Zibhebhu kaNdlovu
· Mhuyi kaThimuni
· Xhoko kaNdaba, ancestor of the Biyela clan.
· Ntshwakeni [Sidinane] kaNdaba, ancestor of the Ntshangase clan.
· Mbuzo kaNdaba, had issue.
· Ntshingwayo kaMbuzo, had issue.
· Klwana kaNtshingwayo, had issue.
· Muntumuni kaKlwana (Ntshangase?)
· Mntoko kaNdaba, had issue.
· Njani kaMntoko, had issue.
· Magiya kaNjani
· Camela kaMntoko, had issue.
· Xoki kaCamela, had issue.
· Ndongeni kaXoki
· Inggonyama JAMA kaNdaba 1763/1781, married (amongst others) Mthaniya Sibiya and had issue. He died c1781.
· Phalo kaJama, died c1759.
· Mkabayi kaJama (f), born c1760.
· Mmama kaJama (f), born c1760.
· Inggonyama SENZANGAKHONA kaJama (by Mthaniya)(qv)
· Mawa kaJama (f), married Mkatshwa Nxumalo
· Nobongoza kaJama, had issue.
· Mqundane [Maqhoboza] kaNobongoza fl.1840, had issue.
· Magwala kaMqundane
· Nozishada kaMqundane
· Nkabanina kaMqundane
· Ntabata kaMqundane
· Ngcongcwana kaMqundane, had issue.
· Gilbert kaNgcongcwana fl.1883
· Keke kaJama
· Magunuza kaJama
· Vubukulwana kaJama
· Nomaphikela kaJama (f)
· Sizile kaJama (f)
· Nomahawu kaJama (f)
· Mfolozi kaJama, had issue.
· Manqe kaMfolozi
· Zivalele kaJama, had issue.
· Makhasana kaZivalele, had issue.
· Madokodo kaMakhasana
· Sfile kaMakhasana
· Ndukwana kaMakhasana
· Lusinga kaMakhasana
· Sojiyiza kaJama, had issue.
· Thokothoko kaSojiyiza, had issue.
· Ndabezimbi kaThokothoko, had issue.
· Mahu kaNdabezimbi, had issue.
· Mahayihayi kaMahu, married Inggonyama Dinizulu (see below)
· Ndombana kaSojiyiza
· Maphitha [Nomdidwa] kaSojiyiza, Chief of the Mandlakazi -/1872, had issue. He died 1872.
· Hayiyana kaMaphitha, born 1834, died 21st July 1883 at Ulundi.
· Hlomuza kaMaphitha
· Qethuka kaMaphitha
· Mcwasimbana kaMaphitha
· Xukwana kaMaphitha
· Ndlovu kaMaphitha
· Phuzukumila kaMaphitha
· Siwana kaMaphitha
· Fokothi kaMaphitha, died 5th January 1880 (1884?).
· Makhoba kaMaphitha, present at Ulundi 1883
· Zibebhu kaMaphitha (by Khundlase), Chief of the Mandlakazi 1872/1904, born 1841 in Nongoma, had issue, over 200 children. He died 27th August 1904 in Nongoma.
· Msenteli kaZibebhu, Chief of one section of the Mandlakazi 1904/aft 1917.
· Bhokwe kaZibebhu, Chief of another section of the Mandlakazi 1904/aft 1917.
· Mchitheki kaZibebhu
· Konela kaZibebhu
· Inggonyama SENZANGAKHONA kaJama 1781/1816, born c1762, married at least 16 wives, including, (1) Mkabi kaSodubo Nzuza, died 1879, (2) Umfudukazi, (3) Nandi kaBebe eLangeni, born c1766, died 10th October 1827, (4) Langazana Gubeshe Sibiya, keeper of the inkatha ye-yezwe, died 1884, (5) OkaSondaba Buthelezi, (6) Mpikase kaMlilela Ngobese, (8) Bhibhi kaSompisi Ntuli, born c1780, died January 1840, (9) Songiya kaNgotsha Hlabisa, (10) Ncaka Qwabe, (11) Magulana Nene, (12) Mzondwase, (13) Zishungu kaMudli, (14) Mehlana kaNtopho Ntshangase and had issue, 14 known sons and several daughters. He died 1816.
· Inggonyama SHAKA kaSenzangakhona (by Nandi)(qv)
· Bakuza kaSenzangakhona (by Sondaba), died sp 1810.
· Inggonyama DINGAAN kaSenzangakhona (by Mpikase) (qv)
· Mhlangane kaSenzangakhona (by Mzondwase), died November 1828.
· Inggonyama SIGUJANA kaSenzangakhona (by Bhibhi)(qv)
· Magwaza [Nongqobo] kaSenzangakhona (by Langazana), died 1838 at the Battle of Blood River.
· Inggonyama MPANDE kaSenzangakhona (by Songiya) (qv)
· Nzibe kaSenzangakhona (by Songiya), born 1807, died sp 1828.
· Kolekile kaSenzangakhona
· Gowujana kaSenzangakhona, died 1835.
· Sigwebana kaSenzangakhona
· Gqugqu kaSenzangakhona (by Songiya), died June 1843.
· Mfihlo kaSenzangakhona
· Ngqojana kaSenzangakhona (by Bhibhi), died 1835.
· Nomzintlanga kaSenzangakhona (by Mkabi), married MLANDELA kaMbila of the Mthethwa.
· Nomcoba kaSenzangakhona (by Nandi), born c1789.
· Nozilwana kaSenzangakhona (by Mpikase), died 1840.
· Nomqotho kaSenzangakhona, married MLANDELA kaMbila of the Mthethwa.
· Bayeka kaSenzangakhona, died April 1831.
· Noziqungu kaSenzangakona, married Ngubane kaNgomane of the Mdletshe.
· Inggonyama SIGUJANA [Nomkwayimba Mfokazaba] kaSenzangakhona 1816, died 1816.
· Inggonyama SHAKA kaSenzangakhona 1816/1828, born 1787, died sp 24th September 1828 at Dukuza.
· Inggonyama DINGAAN kaSenzangakhona 1828/1840, born 1795, died March 1840.
· Inggonyama MPANDE kaSenzangakhona 1840/1872, born 1798 in Babango District, Natal; married 29 wives (amongst whom), 7thly, Nseyane Sanguza Gumede, (a) circe 1825, Ngqumbazi kaMbhonde Zungu, died 1876, married (b), circa 1825, Monase Nxumalo, married (c), Nomantshili kaSiguyana Bhele, died March 1861, married (d), Nozibhuko kaSothondose Nxumalo, married (e), Nobelungu kaDingiswayo Mthethwa, and had issue, 29 sons and 23 daughters. He died 19th November 1872 in Nodwengu, Zululand.
· Inggonyama CETSHWAYO kaMpande (by Ngqumbazi)(qv)
· Silware kaMpande (by Ngqumbazi)
· Mlamjwane kaMpande (by Ngqumbazi), died young.
· Ndabuko kaMpande (by Ngqumbazi), born 1847, had issue. He died after 1888.
· Mqaengetshwana kaNdabuko
· Mnyayiza kaNdabuko, had issue.
· Prince Walter Solekhaya Zulu, married and had issue, ten children. He died 1980.
· Prince Penuel Sipho Zulu, married Princess Sarah, and has issue, four children.
· Prince Nhlakanipho Zulu
· Princess Nokwanda Nokulunga Zulu
· Princess Nomvula Nompilo Zulu
· Princess Andile Nomcebo Zulu
· Princess Happy Zulu, married and has issue, Phindile and Mncedisi.
· Prince Phila Zulu, married and has issue.
· Prince Asande Zulu
· Prince Mazulu Zulu
· Prince Fanelesibonge Zulu (Deklerk)
· Prince Vusumuzi Zulu (Bhunywana)
· Princess Nobuhle Zulu
· Prince Simphiwe Zulu
· Prince Busane Zulu
· Prince Bheki Zulu (Mphara)
· Prince Gideon Layukona kaMyayisa Zulu of KwaMinya Manzi, born 1st January 1934, kwaZulu-Natal Social Welfare MEC, MLA 1978/1994, married Winifred Dolly Dlamini and had issue. He died 16th May 2006.
· Prince Muzobanzi Zulu, died 1995.
· Prince Mazwi Zulu, born 1965, died 21st January 2003 in Durban, buried at kwaZiphethe, Nongoma.
· Prince Dr. Vincent Zulu
· Princess Dr. Cynthia Gcwalisile Zulu [Dr. Cynthia Kabanyane]
· Mbuyazi kaMpande (by Monase), born 1827, died 2nd December 1856 at the Battle of Ndondakusaka.
· Mantantashiya kaMpande (by Monase), died 2nd December 1856 at the Battle of Ndondakusaka.
· Madumba kaMpande (by Monase), died 2nd December 1856 at the Battle of Ndondakusaka.
· Mkhungu kaMpande (by Monase), born 1844, died after 1872.
· Batonyile kaMpande (by Monase), married Nkosi SOKWETSHATA kaMlandela, Chief of the Mthethwa.
· Mpoyiyana kaMpande (by Nomantshili), died March 1861.
· Mthonga kaMpande (by Nomantshili), born 1847, had issue. He died after 1872.
· Prince Aaron Zulu
· Mgidhlana kaMpande (by Nomantshili), died after 1879.
· Uhamu kaMpande (by Nozibhuko), born 1834, had issue. He died after 1879.
· Prince Khambi Zulu
· Prince Madakavana Zulu
· Sikhotha kaMpande (by Masal), died after 1856.
· Msatu kaMpande
· Sukhane kaMpande
· Sitheku kaMpande, born c1836, had issue.
· Prince Nkantini Zulu
· Prince Phikankani Zulu
· Magwendu kaMpande, died after 1879.
· Usiwedu kaMpande, born 1834, had issue. He died after 1884.
· Prince Mpikanina Zulu
· Dabulamanzi kaMpande (by Nseyane Sanguza Gumede) of Ezulwini Place, born October 1839; he was placed in the Udhloko Regiment and was known to have fought at the Battles of Rorke's Drift and Gingindhlovu in 1879; married 20 wives, including 15th, Gcabashe, and had issue, 37 children. He died 22nd September 1886.
· Prince Mzingeli Abram Zulu of Ezulwini Place, later Ebuhleni Place, he became a Lutheran Minister; after his father's death he went into hiding at Melmoth, his church, called Empini, exists even today; married and had issue. He is buried at Empini Church.
· Prince Isaac Zulu of Ebuhleni Place, married Lillian, died 1988, and had issue. He is buried at Ebuhleni.
· Prince Baldwin Thandwayinkosi Zulu of Ebuhleni Place, married Ndlunkulu MaLuti, and had issue, six children. He died 1998.
· Princess Penny Mpume Zulu, has issue, one son, Okuhle Zulu.
· Princess Sibongile Zulu
· Prince Sifiso Zulu
· Princess Nonzuzo Zulu
· Princess Nokwanda
· Prince Musawenkosi Zulu
· Prince Simon Zulu (+)
· Prince Khonzani Zulu (+)
· Prince Layton Zulu (+)
· Prince Bongisipho Zulu (+)
· Prince Bhekithemba Zulu (+)
· Princess Bhekekile Zulu
· Princess Zabantwana Zulu
· Prince Qedicala Zulu
· Prince Mkebeni Zulu
· Prince Bangani George Zulu of Kwa Muziwomuntu (by Gcabashe), married 4 wives, including 1stly, KaMpiyakhe Khotho Buthelezi, and had 12 children.
· Prince Daniel Zulu (by KaMpiyakhe Khotho), married 1stly, Mbhutu, died sp, married 2ndly, Ma Khanyile, and had issue, 5 children.
· Prince Jacob Zulu, married and has issue, 22 children.
· Princess Nomthandazo Magdalena Zulu
· Tshonkweni kaMpande, died 2nd December 1856 at the Battle of Ndondakusaka.
· Somxawana kaMpande, died 2nd December 1856 at the Battle of Ndondakusaka.
· Tshingana kaMpande, born 1839, had issue. He died 1911 (1913?) in Natal. Son, born 1890 at St Helena.
· Dabulesinye kaMpande, died 2nd December 1856 at the Battle of Ndondakusaka.
· Mahanana kaMpande, born 1847, had issue.
· Prince Mabilwana Zulu
· Prince Mtongenankomo Zulu
· Nugwende kaMpande
· Ziwelile kaMpande, married Umtakati kaDukuzana Zulu.
· Inggonyama CETSHWAYO kaMpande 1872/1884, born 1832 in Mlambongwenya near Hlintza Forest, last king of the Zulus to be officially recognized as such by the British, married (a) Novimbi Msweli Nzimela, (b) Majiya, (c) Nhlamule kaMasiphula Ntshangase and had issue, 3 sons and 6 daughters. He died 8th February 1884 at Eshowe.
· Princess Kusabhede Soneni kaCetshwayo (by Majiya), born c1865, died 1965.
· Inggonyama DINIZULU kaCetshwayo (by Novimbi) (qv)
· Prince Nyoniyentaba kaCetshwayo (by Majiya), died 1883.
· Princess Sililo kaCetshwayo, married Prince Ngubo Dlamini of Swaziland.
· Princess Simiso kaCetshwayo
· Princess Siyele kaCetshwayo
· Princess Bekisile kaCetshwayo
· Princess Nomandlambi kaCetshwayo
· Prince Manzolwandle ka Cetshwayo, born 1884.
· Inggonyama DINIZULU kaCetshwayo 1884/1913, born 1868, attacked by his cousin Usibepu, he appealed to the Boers for help in return for land, and defeated Usibepu at the Battle of Ghost Mountain (also known as the Battle of Tshaneni) on 5th June 1884, he was exiled to the island of St. Helena for seven years in 1890 for leading a Zulu army against the British from 1883 to 1884, later he was accused of starting the Bambatha rebellion in 1906, he was found guilty in March 1908 and was sentenced to four years imprisonment, released after two years and was transported to Uitkyk farm where he died, married (a), Umkesilomo kaNtuzwa Mdlalose, married (b), OkaMaha, married (c), OkaHlabane, fl.1966, married (d), Uhlazile, married (e), okaSonkeshana, married (f), okaMtshekula, married (g), okaMthunza, and had issue. He died 18th October 1913 in Rietfontein, Transvaal.
· Inkosi Arthur Edward Mshiyeni Zulu, born 1897, Regent of kwaZulu 1933/1948, had issue. He died 1953.
· Inkosi Isaiah Zulu
· Princess Constance Magogo Zulu, born 1900, married 1926, Inkosi Mathole Buthelezi, and had issue. She died 1984.
· Prince Isaac Mpikayivuswa ka Dinuzulu Zulu, married Angeline Bongiwe Ngema, and had issue.
· Princess Thobekile Brilliant kaMpikayivuswa Zulu, married Dr. Comfort Bhekithemba Mfuphi, Personal Physcian to Inggonyama ZWELITHINI GOODWILL, and has issue.
· Langalethu Ndumiso Mfuphi
· Langelihle Ntokozo Mfuphi
· Sinenhlanhla Nomfundo Mfuphi
· Andile Zuzizwe Mfuphi
· Siyabonga Minenhle Mfuphi
· Princess Nokuthula Progress kaMpikayivuswa Zulu, married Petros Malaza. $
· Princess Zamokuhle Vernon kaMpikayivuswa Zulu, married Makhekhe Ncanana.
· Prince Matholegwaqa Peter Zulu
· Prince David Nyawaza Zulu (by OkaQethuko Magwaza)
· Princess Phikisile Harriet Zulu (by Mahambogwini Ndwandwe), married Pixley kaIsaka Seme 1881-1951, and has issue.
· Princess Sulumane Zulu, married Thanduzako Rogers Shange.
· Princess Zamokunye Zulu
· Princess Mkhandandlovu Zulu
· Pincess Ntishisane Zulu
· Princess Simama Zulu, married Alson Wessel George Champion, and had issue.
· Princess Woniwengani Zulu, married Chief Mbatha
· Princess Mhlabamuni Zulu, married Mhloluthini Mbatha and had issue.
· Prince Manzolwandle Nkongolozana Zulu
· Princess Mphaphu Victoria Zulu
· Prince Bekelendoda Samuel Zulu
· Princess Kessi Mpiyamaxhengu, married Chief Mdibnisu Dlamini and had issue.
· Inggonyama SOLOMON NKAYISHANA MAPHUMUZANA 1913/1933, born February 1891 at St Helena, married 1stly, 1915 (separated 1928) Masibiya kaMathathela Ntombeni [Christina Sibiya], born 1900, elder daughter of Hezekiah and Elizabeth Sibiya, died December 1946, married (b), 29th September 1926 at Ekuphakameni, Zondi Shembe, daughter of Prophet Isaiah Shembe, married (c), Nomapasi Gwala, married (d), daughter of Huqeni Ndwandwe, married (e), daughter of Mbulawa Buthelezi and had issue. He died 4th March 1933 at Kambi, buried 8th March 1933 at Mahashini.
· Princess Velangokubonga Greta Zulu (by Masibiya), born 1916.
· Prince Hezron Zulu (by Masibiya), born September or October 1920, died September 1927.
· Princess Sishoniswapi Corinna Zulu (by Masibiya), born 1921/1923.
· Inggonyama CYPRIAN BHEKUZULU NYANGAYEZIZWE (by Masibiya) (qv)
· Prince Phikokwaziwayo Zulu (by Mbatha)
· Princess Jessie Tandiwe Zulu (by Nomapasi), married 1943 Inkosi Enkhulu Tutor Nyangelizwe Vulindlela NDAMASE of the Western Pondo, and had issue. She died 1971.
· Prince Clement Zulu, born 1925, had issue. He died 8th September 2000 in Durban, buried at Mahlabathini, KZN.
· Prince Derek Zulu, married Princess Goodness (Zulu), died 19th December 2002.
· Prince Absalom Thandayiphi Zulu
· Prince Matthews Zulu
· Prince Israel Mcwayizeni Zulu, born 1932, Regent of kwaZulu 1968/1971, died 7th September 1999, buried 18th September 1999 at Mahashini.
· Prince Barold Zulu
· Prince Penuel Zulu fl.1971
· Prince Samson Phushana Mandlosuth Zulu, married 1stly Makhumalo, 2ndly Noqgibelo Mambonani (deceased), 3rdly Princess Elizabeth Thokozile Dlamini, died August 2000 at Vosloorus, Gauteng, 4thly Thandi Mtshali and had issue. He died August 2000 at Vosloorus, Gauteng, buried 26th August 2000.
· Prince Mbuso Zulu
· Princess Bagezile Zulu
· rincess Audrey Nelisiwe Zulu
· Princess Talente Zulu
· Prince Bongi Zulu
· Prince Patrick Zulu
· Prince Victor Zulu (by okaNdemele)
· Prince Agrippa Zulu (by okaButhelezi)
· Prince Ivious Zulu (by okaZungu)
· Prince Alphison Zulu (by okaMambathini)
· Inggonyama CYPRIAN BHEKUZULU NYANGAYEZIZWE 1933/1968, born 4th August 1924 at Nsindeni, married (amongst others), (a) Priscilla Masuku, married (b) maNdwandwe Thombi [Queen Jelangani Thomo Imelda], married (c) Majali and had issue. He died 17th September 1968 at Nongoma.
· Inggonyama ZWELETHINI GOODWILL (by Queen Thomo)(qv)
· Princess Thembi Zulu (by Priscilla)
· Princess Nonhlanhla Zulu (by Priscilla), married, Prince Makhosana Klaas Mahlangu of the Ndzundza-Mabhoko. She died 17th May 2002 in Nhlazatshe, Vryheid.
· Princess Kanyisile Zulu (by Majali)
· Princess Nolindi Zulu
· Prince Mbonisi Zulu
· Prince Mduduzi Zulu, born 1957.
· HM Queen Noloyiso Zulu, married HM King Maxhob'ayakhawuleza SANDILE, Paramount Chief of the amaRarabe.
· Princess Nonhlanhla, 1st cousin of King Zwelethini, she died at kwaMashu near Durban 25th April 1996 aged 35.
· Prince Joseph Zulu of eZulwini branch in Mabedlana, had issue.
· Prince Bongani Cyril Zulu, died 30th March 2001 aged 27 in Mahlabathini District, kwaZulu-Natal
· Prince Vincent Zulu of the kwaDeda branch, had issue.
· Prince Cyril Mfanafuthi Zulu, Mayor-designate of Durban City, Member of the ANC, Chairman of the ANC-aligned kwaZulu-Natal Hostel Resident's Association. He died vp 2nd November 1999 at Lamontville near Durban aged 35, buried 14th November 1999 at Nongoma.
· Prince Dr. Vincent T. Zulu, born 1st July 1943 (#1) in Mahlabathini District, has issue, 3 children.
· Prince Thokozani Thembenkosi Zulu, 26th November 1999 at Nongoma aged 26.
· Prince Sikhumbuzo Zulu of the eKutheleni branch of the Zulu Royal Family in Melmoth. He died 30th March 2001 in Mahlabathini District aged 25
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