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 Grant of the South African Medal and Clasp

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PostSubject: Grant of the South African Medal and Clasp   Fri Apr 16, 2010 1:45 pm

I came across this the other day, thought it may be of interest:

Grant of the South African Medal and Clasp

Medal and Clasp

A. To be granted to Officers and Men of “Active”, “Boadicea”, “Shah”, “Flora”, “Tenedos”, and to the Soudon Naval Artillery Volunteers, who were landed and crossed the border into Zulu land.
B. To the Officers and Men of HMS “Forester”, on account of services on the coast during Zulu operations.
C. To the Officers and Men of HMS “Active” landed previously and engaged at Quinlana, and to those landed during operations in Kaffraria in 1877. 78.
D. To all Officers and Men of the above mentioned Ships serving at the times specified, who do not receive the Clasp; except in the case of “Flora”, of whom only those sent to reinforce the Ships off the coast are to be considered as entitled.

Medal only

E. To the Officers and Crews of the “Orontes”, “Tamar”, “Euphrates” and “Himalaya
F. To the Officers and Men of HMS “Active”, who were employed in operations previous to the Zulu Campaign, who under clause (c) do not receive the Clasp.
G. To the Officers and Men of the Royal Navy employed on Transport duties on the Coast.
H. Attention is called to Clause in IV of the War Office General Order which is to be adhered to
(clause) Those troops employed in Natal from the 11 Jany to the 1st Sept 1879, but who never crossed the border into Zulu Land, will be granted the Medal without Clasp –

Medals refused to Officers & Men of “Encounter” AG. 9322/81 “Juno” and “Tyne” excluded & all transports not Naval. Whitehall Papers – War Office 15 July 1880

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PostSubject: Re: Grant of the South African Medal and Clasp   Sat Apr 17, 2010 7:16 pm


That is a wonderful summary of the entitlement of the officers and men of the Royal Navy who participated in te Zulu War. Where did you find it?

The granting of the medal to the Navy personnel was somewhat delayed as noted in parliamentary debate:

§ MR. HERBERT MAXWELL asked the Secretary to the Admiralty, If he will state what reasons exist for delaying the issue of the war medal to the men and officers of the Naval Brigade engaged in the late Zulu War; and, whether, in consideration of the fact that the medal has been issued to all our land forces engaged in that War, and in view of the disadvantage occasioned to men who leave the service before the 1388 medal is conferred on them, he can hold out any hope of an early distribution of these medals to the men of the Naval Brigade?

§ MR. TREVELYAN With regard to the men engaged in the operations in Zululand, it has been necessary to correspond with the Commodore at the Cape, and with Admiral Sir Francis Sullivan, the late Commodore, in order to ascertain the ships entitled to the medal and the men entitled to the clasp. Orders have now been issued for the preparation of the rolls; but these preliminary investigations have taken up so much time as seriously to retard the distribution. Arrangements have been made during the present military operations in the Transvaal to secure a contemporary record of services, which will be adopted in all future cases, and will obviate this cause of delay.

Petty Officer Tom
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PostSubject: Re: Grant of the South African Medal and Clasp   Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:05 pm

It was ADM171/40, which I think is the start of the medal rolls. The second page, which I was too lazy to re-type gave the exact dates that each ship was there. Somehow, although the crew could apply in person, my gut feel says that the medals were sent to the individuals while on board their present ships. I just don't see 1000s of sailors showing up in person or writing letters!

"South African Medal

Department of the Accountant General of the Navy and Comptroller of Navy Pay Admiralty, Spring Gardens. SW.

22 August 1881

Notice is hereby given that the Medals for the South African Expedition awarded to the Officers and Crews of the under mentioned Ships for service during the periods stated herein, and now in course of distribution viz :-

HMS Active 3 & 4 October 1877
ditto 13 December 1877 to 11 January 1878
ditto 24 February to 7 March 1878
ditto 7 August 1878 to 18 March 1879
HMS Boadicea 15 March to 12 June 1879
HMS Euphrates 2 July to 16 August 1879
HMS Forester 8 April 1879 to 4 September 1879
HMS Himalaya 9 to 15 March 1878
HMS Orontes 3 to 6 June 1879
HMS Shah 6 March to 24 July 1879
HMS Tamar 10 March to 11 April 1879
HMS Tenedos 20 December 1878 to 9 February 1879

Application should be made personally or by letter to the Accountant General of the Navy and Comptroller of Navy Pay, Admiralty, London SW.

Petty Ofiicers and Seamen, whether applying in person or by letter, are requested to produce their Certificates of Service."
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PostSubject: Re: Grant of the South African Medal and Clasp   

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Grant of the South African Medal and Clasp
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