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 Fire Arms.Various Weapons

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PostSubject: Fire Arms.Various Weapons    Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:30 pm



2.25 min 206 Cadet unit firing telescoped .22 at 50m, prone, 5 shot rapid fire, NSSB&AR Club NSW. Good indication of how a squad of Smallbore shooters operate on this range, under instruction of the Range officer.


0.27 min Smallbore shooting prone at 25 metres. 322 SQN AAFC Rifle shoot on Hornsby NSSB&AR Club range. Good indication of how a squad of Smallbore shooters operate on this range, under instruction of the Range officer.


8.02 min "ISSF World Cup Athens 2004 Prone Men". World class .22 competition. OMG you have to watch this over and over. At world class, only the eyelashes twitch and the eyeballs flicker. There is no indication that the shot has gone off. Hmmm, barrel extensions.


8.02 min Bronze medal goes to Australia, 2008. World class Smallbore .22 competition. Australia won bronze at the Bejing 2008 Olympics, in the .22 prone Smallbore competition. You can meet, and talk to, and shoot alongside Olympic champions at the Sydney Olympic Shooting Centre. Go check out their website for shooting times.


1.11 min Smallbore shooter, shooting on computer target in an indoor computer range. Hockey is hockey, and soccer is soccer. The beauty of shooting, as a sport, is that that you can ramp it up to this level of personal, intense individual world class competition, or slum it down, to the raw nitty gritty of hunting with the boys, rough, out in the scrub.


1.48 min Smallbore three position shooting winner at Olympics, won because the other guy fired a wild last shot. An example of what not to do under pressure.


2.27 min Smallbore three position shooting winner at the Beijing Olympics, "Shooting - 50m Rifle 3 Position Women- Final." Shows shooter and the instant computer plot of shot position on target. Women are very good at this sport ... they do not carry the emotional baggage that men carry into this sport.


3.27 min "Kim Coffey, of Holliston, hopes to compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, showcasing her riflery and marksman skills. The Norfolk County Agricultural High School grad shows how she prepares...". Watch this! Kim is stunning at explaining how to set up the natural shooting position. The video is clear, well thought through and precise.


4.34 min Set up as a chick versus guys scenario, she has obviously taken the guys to her favourite rifle range, to wipe them out. Video is good because once you get past the scenario, it shows how a smallbore stage of shooting proceeds. Each shot has the full 100% attention of the shooter.



9.34 min Beginners firing Fullbore prone .308 under instruction at Swanbourne range WA. Computer monitors in action at 400 yards, wet and windy sound track, random music, couple swear words. Notice how the second guy keeps his head down and follows through. Good pictures of peep sights on a full bore rifle and a good indication of the recoil felt from the .308 prone target rifle. Watch the coach check wind conditions, be supportive, and monitor range safety, back and forward along the range.


1.02 min Beginner firing Fullbore prone .308 under instruction at Anzac range NSW, 700 metres. Another windy sound track. Notice the next shooter quietly setting up alongside. Watch the coach check wind conditions and be supportive.


2.42 min Experienced Fullbore shooter, prone .308 at 500 yards, on Werribee range. A cold and windy day, in the drought. Excellent example of shooting, without taking the rifle out of the shoulder. The shooter has the spotting scope and ammo box just right. They fire, unload, reload and check the shot position through the spotting scope in a smooth well practiced series of efficient moves. Camera person must have been freezing (shakes) but has good close up pictures of the Fullbore target going down and returning. Watch the markers paddle indicate a centre bull and an inner four. Study the shooters position and how the prone Fullbore mat, coat and sling absorb the recoil.


0.10 min Fullbore shooter, prone on a rest. Watch the video, see what he does and then read the comments ..... yes, you got it, they all say not to lift your head after the shot.



1.21 min Experienced Fullbore shooter, prone .303 rapid fire. Excellent example of how the Fullbore shooting discipline started out. This is a sniper's target .303 with peep sights. Compare the rifle barrel with the tree line and notice how steady the shooter's aim is, under pressure. Admire the shooter's timing, finishing just before the range officer's "cease fire" call, and see how efficiently he gets out of the sling, makes the rifle safe and collects the empty cases for reloading.


2.25 min Prone Mauser .303? shooter on a block rest, with no coat. You just have to know that this guy had a major bruised shoulder next day. But, he toughs it out well and after the reload, the jaw sticks out and he starts shooting seriously. A good example of a great potential target shooter who should go to a range and get some serious equipment and coaching.


0.51 min Fullbore prone Mk4 .303 rapid fire at 300 metres. This rifle has sights which are adjustable for elevation. The shooter has a good position for shooting the .303 ..... they were made "one size fits all", so to accommodate the relatively short stock, the shooter has to be high up on their elbows and pull the rifle back into their shoulder. It must have worried the soldiers, when the bolt jams, as it does midway through this video. Notice the Range Officer, in yellow vest, is vigilant, and in radio contact with his Butts Officer.


8.26 min "A closer look at my Lithgow-built Lee Enfield No1 MkIII SMLE." says it all. An aussie gives closeups of all the stamps in the woodwork of his 1915 Lithgow .303 and bayonet, with vegemite jar in the background, and it starts to rain. Magic.



0.28 min US? shooter firing Remington 700 with telescope and bipod .308 calibre. The shooter's body is not straight behind the rifle to take the recoil properly, and the rifle recoils a bit too much as a result. Rifle must be new because you would expect the Remington bolt action to be a lot smoother.


1.16 min F Class shooter, prone with telescope and bipod, using left hand as a fist to support the butt of the rifle. This shooter is strong because they predict the fall of shot and report it to the coach. The cadence is good and they follow through.



0.29 min "Example of a set-up and shooting sequence in the prone position." Wow, in 29 seconds a biathalon skier skis up, pulls rifle off his back, drops to the ground still with skis on, sets up and fires 5 shots rapid fire. You are right there listening to him gasp for air as the bullets fly past your right ear. And then he is up and away.



2.01 min "Watch Tiger Valley lead instructor TJ Pilling fire a Barrett .50 caliber rifle, with tracer ammunition, to demonstrate the advantages of pit service when shooting long distances." Wow, 50 cal tracers arcing over 1000 yards. Video is good because it shows how Fullbore targets are moved up and down in the butts area, as the shot holes are scored.


1.38 min omg, one and a half minutes video of a target that gets 10 holes in it. I never found out how this technique is used to sort cases, but, if you want to watch a nice 1000 yard group form on the target, or read a lively debate about bullet vs sound velocity over 1000 yards, this is it. The original sighter bullet hole up in the top left corner has been patched over.


1.52 min "1000 yard target shot at QRA International Range Brisbane". Benchrest, 5 shot group forms in the target at 1000 yards.Very good indication of what the marker is doing, down in the target area, as they withdraw the target, put the spotting disc in the shot hole and put the target back up.


2.27 min International Range at QRA Brisbane. Frames at 1000 yards". Looking downrange at the targets from 1000 yards, for the last 3 minutes of a shoot. Hear the Range Officer announce the remaining time. Hear the intrusive traffic noise which continues over the rifle shots. Watch the wind gust start at the butts and gradually move up each flag in turn towards the shooters. Then all the flags briefly stand out and the gust is gone. This creates shooter stress, at 1000 yards, with the range officer counting down
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PostSubject: Re: Fire Arms.Various Weapons    Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:40 pm

Looking at some of these clips, it seems to me there's not a lot of skill involved. Can't believe the contraptions some of these people are using Eye patches ect.
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Fire Arms.Various Weapons
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