Lieutenant John Chard:What's our strength? Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead Seven officers including surgeon commissaries and so on Adendorff now I suppose wounded and sick 36 fit for duty 97 and about 40 native levies Not much of an army for you.
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Captain David Moriarity, 80th, KIA Ntombe
This photograph taken when he was in the 7th Regiment prior to his transfer to the 80th. [Mac & Shad] (Isandula Collection)
The Battle of Isandlwana: One of The Worst Defeats of The British Empire - Military History

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Pte David Jenkins. 'Forgotten' Survivor of Rorke's Drift Returned to Official Records
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The ammunition question
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Durnford was he capable.2
Pte David Jenkins. 'Forgotten' Survivor of Rorke's Drift Returned to Official Records
The missing five hours.

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For those wishing to research.

War Office Series Anglo-Zulu War Ref: Numbers

WO 30/129 Copies of correspondence principally between the Adjutant-General
(General C.H. Ellice) and the General Officer Commanding, Cape of
Good Hope, (Lt.-General Lord Chelmsford) and memoranda relating to
the Isandlwana disaster of 21 and 22 January 1879. (15 pp.)
WO 32/5028 Prince Imperial Louis Napoleon: Confirmation of death of the Prince inaction by Lord Chelmsford and the institution of an enquiry.(3pp.)
WO 32/5029 Report of the suspected death of the Prince and of the condition of animal transport. (3 pp.)
WO 32/5030 An account of the action in which the Prince was killed. This file has been lost by TNA!
WO 32/5031 Papers relating to court of enquiry and court martial, involving Lieut.
Carey, into circumstances of death of the Prince. (5 pp.)
WO 32/5032 Operations against Zulus and movement of the Prince’s body. (2 pp.)
WO 32/5033 General Clifford forwarding copies of papers relating to death of the
Prince and arrangements for his body to be shipped to England. (25 pp.)
WO 32/5034 Letter of thanks on behalf of the French Empress for honour paid to the Prince at his funeral. (2 pp.)
WO 32/5035 Papers relating to identification of body. (3 pp)
WO 32/5036 Condition of the body on arrival in England. (Not available)
WO 32/5037 Acknowledgement of receipt at Public Record Office of Notarial
Instrument relating to identification of body. (Not available)
WO 32/7382 Victoria Cross: Award to Capt. Lord W. Beresford, 9th Lancers for action in Zulu War. (6 pp.)
WO 32/7383 Victoria Cross: Awards to Capt (now Commandant) C. D’Arcy and Sgt
E. O’Toole, Frontier Light Horse, for actions during Zulu War. (6 pp.)
WO 32/7386 Victoria Cross: Award to Acting Assistant (now Sub-Assistant)
Commissary J. Dalton for action against Zulus. (10 pp.)
WO 32/7387 Victoria Cross: Recommendations and awards concerning Major E. Leet, 13th Regt, Surgeon Major J. Reynolds, Army Medical Dept, Capt and Brevet Lieut. Colonel Redvers Buller, 60th Rifles, Lieut. E. Browne 24th
Regt and Pte. Wassall, 80th Regt, for action in Zulu War. (12 pp.)
WO 32/7388 Victoria Cross: Recommendations concerning Colour Sgt A Booth, 80th
Regt and Privates Flawn and Fitzpatrick, 94th Regt for actions against
Zulus 1879-1880. (7 pp.)
WO 32/7390 Victoria Cross: Recommendations concerning Lieut. (now Capt and
Brevet Major) G. Bromhead, Lieut. (now Capt etc) J. Chard, Cpl W.
Allen and Privates Williams, Hook, Jones and Hitch of 24th Regt. Award
to Cpl Schiess of Natal Native Contingent for action at Rorke’s Drift. (21 pp.)
WO 32/7698 Report by General Thesiger on disposition of forces to meet Zulu threat over border dispute in Transvaal. 1878. (3 pp.)
WO 32/7699 Report and memorandum by General Thesiger on state of affairs and
disposition of forces on Natal and Transvaal borders and request for reinforcements. (10 pp.)
WO 32/7700 Zulu War: Reports and memorandum by General Thesiger and local commander of operations against Chiefs Sekukuni and (C) Ketchwayo, King of Zulus, North East Transvaal; disposition of forces, returns of
casualties in Cape Frontier War (Kaffir) with map. (13 pp.)
WO 32/7701 Zulu War: Measures to meet threatened Zulu attack on Natal and
Transvaal borders. Reports and memorandum by General Thesiger. (7 pp.)
WO 32/7702 Requirement for possible invasion of Zululand. Request for reinforcements. Disposition of forces. Attitude of civil administration.
(13 pp.)
WO 32/7704 Zulu War: Dispatch from Lt General Lord Chelmsford commanding in S. Africa on guarantees and reparations demanded from Zulus and organisation of forces in event of war. (3 pp.)
WO 32/7705 Zulu War: Decision of High Commissioner in border dispute. Action to be taken in event of rejection of award by Chief Ketchwayo. (8pp.)
WO 32/7706 Report on disastrous engagement at Isandhlwana and on the defence of Rorke’s Drift. Details of losses, officers killed and missing. (4 pp.)
WO 32/7707 Declaration of war against Zulus. Advance into Zululand. 1878. (12 pp.)
WO 32/7708 Reports on action at Inyezane involving Naval Brigade. Return of casualties, 12-24 Jan. (12 pp.)
WO 32/7709 Request from General Chelmsford that a Major General be sent as relief and be fit to act as High Commissioner. (3 pp.)
WO 32/7710 Reports and recognition of services concerning defence of Rorke’s Drift.
WO 32/7711 Reports on actions by various columns. Statements relating to action at Islandana (Isandhlwana) Rorke’s Drift. (23 pp.)
WO 32/7712 Journal of Operations 6 January to 8 February 1879. (7 pp.)
WO 32/7713 Dispatch from General Chelmsford on military situation forwarding account and statements relating to battle at Islandana (Isandhlwana (Rorke’s Drift). (17 pp.)
WO 32/7714 Further despatch from General Chelmsford on operations. Account of situation at Ekowe. (7 pp.)
WO 32/7715 Diary of operations, 10 February-7 March, of Quartermaster General’s Department. (6 pp.)
WO 32/7716 Account of loss and recovery of Queen’s Colour of 1/24th Foot at Islandana (Isandhlwana) (Rorke’s Drift). (4 pp.)
WO 32/7717 Report by General Chelmsford on general situation. Cetchwayo (King of Zulus) sues for peace. (6 pp.)
WO 32/7718 Report by General Chelmsford on disposition of forces, arrival of reinforcements, raising of native contingent and general situation.
Surrender of Chief Uhamu, brother of King Ketchwayo. (9 pp.)
WO 32/7719 Report by Colonel Bellairs, Deputy Adjutant Quartermaster General on mission to bring in Chief Uhamu’s wife and family and arrival of
reinforcements. Newspaper reports on disaster at Intombe River. (8 pp.)
WO 32/7720 Diary of operations of Quartermaster General’s Department, 6-27 March. (5 pp.) 2
WO 32/7721 Raising of native levy of 3000 men. Question of allocation of cost. Bulwer, Lieut. Governor, Natal, on disposition and organisation of forces for defence of Natal. (8 pp.)
WO 32/7722 Report by General Chelmsford on preparations and make up of column for relief of Ekowe. (6 pp.)
WO 32/7723 Report on progress of relief column for Ekowe and of disaster at IntombeRiver. (4 pp.)
WO 32/7724 Dispatches relating to victories at Kambula and Ginghilovo. (4 pp.)
WO 32/7725 Report by General Chelmsford on events leading up to disaster at Insalwana (Isandhlwana), Rorke’s Drift and of action there. (9 pp.)
WO 32/7726 Reports, statements and proceedings of Court of Enquiry into battle at
Isandhlwana, Rorke’s Drift. Actions at Izoblane [Hlobane] Mountain and Kambula. (23 pp.)
WO 32/7727 Report by General Chelmsford on operations to relieve Etshowe
(Ekowe); return of units and casualties in actions at Ginghilovo
[Gingindlovu] and Ingenzana [Inyezane]. (13 pp.)
WO 32/7728 Memorandum by General Chelmsford on instructions for Major General
Crealock on taking command of 1st Division, South African Field Force. (3 pp.)
WO 32/7729 Reports on shipwreck of hired transport, Clyde near Dyer’s Island. (9 pp.)
WO 32/7730 Report by Colonel C Pearson commanding No. 1 Column on setting up
of depot and operations at Ekowe. (17 pp.)
WO 32/7731 Report by Lt Colonel J Russell, 12th Lancers, Special Service, on action at Isandhlwana. Require better copy of map. (6 pp.)
WO 32/7732 Dispatch from General Chelmsford on disposition and condition of forces following losses inflicted on Zulus; nominal roll of staff. (12 pp.)
WO 32/7733 Appointment of Sir G Wolseley as administrator in South East Africa with plenary powers, civil and military, following dissension between General Officer Commanding and Lieut. Governor, Natal. Reinforcements required. (4 pp.)
WO 32/7734 Report on construction of Fort at Ekowe by Capt. D. Courtney, Royal Engineers, with plan. (11 pp.)
WO 32/7735 Diary of operations by 2nd Division under Major General E. Newdigate 26 April to 24 May, with reconnaissance reports, including one by Prince Imperial L. Napoleon. (21 pp.)
WO 32/7736 Lord Chelmsford on report by Commissary General regarding organisation of transport. (11 pp.)
WO 32/7737 Reports on defence of Rorke’s Drift, with plan. (10 pp.)
WO 32/7738 Lord Chelmsford on absence of Major Spalding from action at Rorke’s Drift. Statements by Major Spalding and Colonel Glyn. (4 pp.)
WO 32/7739 Lord Chelmsford on reasons for delay in advance and on question of burying dead at Isandhlwana. (3 pp.)
WO 32/7740 King Ketchwayo sues for peace. Question of peace terms. (10 pp.)
WO 32/7741 Dispatches relating to reconnaissance operations and preparations foradvance; burial of dead at Isandhlwana. (7 pp.)
WO 32/7742 Diary of events of Quarter-master General’s Department, May 19-31.
WO 32/7743 Dispatch from General Clifford on general situation. (5 pp.)
WO 32/7744 Lord Chelmsford on disposition of cavalry regiments. (4 pp.) 3
WO 32/7745 Dispatches relating to peace overtures by King Cetywayo (Ketchwayo). (6 pp.)
WO 32/7747 Further reports on suing for peace by King Ketchwayo and terms offered. (6 pp.)
WO 32/7748 Further reports on suing for peace by King Ketchwayo and terms offered. (17 pp.)
WO 32/7749 Further reports on suing for peace by King Ketchwayo and terms offered. (5 pp.)
WO 32/7750 (1) Journals of Officer Commanding, 2nd Brigade, 7 April-18 May and (2) Quartermaster General’s Department, 1st Division, 27 April - 21May. (17 pp.) WO 32/7751 Telegraphic report from Major General Clifford on situation and arrival
of General Wolseley. (2 pp.)
WO 32/7752 Report from Lord Chelmsford on organisation of forces, operations and situation pending submission of King Ketchwayo. (10 pp.)
WO 32/7753 Telegraphic report on battle at Ulundi from General Clifford. General
Wolseley on possibility of war ending. (4 pp.)
WO 32/7754 Diaries and journals of 2nd Division, 2nd Brigade and Quarter Master General’s Department 19 May - 28 June. (16 pp.)
WO 32/7755 General Wolseley on general situation. (3 pp.)
WO 32/7756 General Wolseley on general situation. Re-occupation of Ulundi. (4 pp.)
WO 32/7757 Dispatch from Lord Chelmsford on advance into Zululand, with map. (8pp.)
WO 32/7758 Dispatch from General Wolseley on assuming Governorship of Natal and instructions to General commanding. (10 pp.)
WO 32/7759 Dispatches from General Wolseley regarding arrangements to bring war
to conclusion. Disposition and condition of forces. (3 pp.)
WO 32/7760 General Wolseley on measures to capture King Ketchwayo. Dispatch from Lord Chelmsford on battle at Ulundi. (5 pp.)
WO 32/7761 Diary of 2nd Division under Major General Newdigate 23-29 June. (3 pp.)
WO 32/7762 Dispatch from Lord Chelmsford on operations with medical and veterinary reports. Copies of letters to and from King Cetywayo
(Ketchwayo). (9 pp.)
WO 32/7763 Report from Lord Chelmsford on battle at Ulundi with names of officers
for special mention. Return of forces employed. Messages to and from King Ketchwayo. (19 pp.)
WO 32/7764 Reports from various commanders on advance and battle at Ulundi with names for special mention. (20 pp.)
WO 32/7765 Dispatch from General Wolseley on redistribution of forces and commanders following battle of Ulundi. (7 pp.)
WO 32/7766 General Wolseley on situation and movement of forces to effect capture of King Cetywayo (Ketchwayo). (2 pp.)
WO 32/7767 Diary of 2nd Division 16 June-7 July and précis of diaries of officers commanding forts on frontier and lines of communication, 19 June-9 July. (19 pp.)
WO 32/7768 Gen. Wolseley: general plan of operations and General Orders showing distribution of troops. (11 pp.)
WO 32/7769 General Wolseley on general situation. (2 pp.)4
WO 32/7770 Correspondence relative to resignation of Lord Chelmsford from present
command of forces in South Africa. (12 pp.)
WO 32/7771 General Wolseley on interpretation of his instructions to LordChelmsford following battle of Ulundi enclosing memorandum on communications. (22 pp.)
WO 32/7772 Report of operations of 1st Division, South African Field Force on coast line from Tugela River to Umhlatoozi River April 18-July 7 with maps. (98 pp.)
WO 32/7773 General Wolseley on disposition of forces to capture King Ketchwayo; submission of and help from Zulu Chiefs. (2 pp.)
WO 32/7774 Governor Sir H. B. Frere’s appreciation of services of Major General Sir E. Wood and Colonel Redvers Buller. (4 pp.)
WO 32/7775 General Wolseley on advance into Zululand and submission of Zulu Chiefs. Situation on Transvaal border. (6 pp.)
WO 32/7776 General Wolseley on measures to effect capture of Ketchwayo. (6 pp.)
WO 32/7777 Capture of King Cetywayo (Ketchwayo) submission of Chiefs and
arrangements for governing the territory. (4 pp.)
WO 32/7778 Acceptance of peace terms by Chiefs and embarkation of Cetywayo (Ketchwayo) for Cape Town. (2 pp.)
WO 32/7779 Journals of Brigadier General Clarke’s column and Colonel Baker-Russell’s column, 26 July-August 17. (9 pp.)
WO 32/7780 Report of General Wolseley on conclusion of hostilities, arrangementsfor governing country, disposal of forces and affairs for special mention. (5 pp.)
WO 32/7781 General Wolseley’s progress report on settlement of Zululand. (5 pp.)
WO 32/7782 Diary of Colonel Baker Russell’s column, 25 August-7 September. (5 pp.)
WO 32/7783 General Wolseley’s recommendation that 3 months pay be granted to officers and men serving in Zulu War in lieu of prize money and as compensation for wear and tear of clothing. (15 pp.)
WO 32/7784 Report from border agent of Umvoti Division of Natal on march through border territory by Lt Col Clarke’s Column. Embarkation of troops for home. (3 pp.)
WO 32/7785 Journal of Colonel Clarke’s column 1 - 21 September. (9 pp.)
WO 32/7788 Report by Colonel Brabant on operations involving use of dynamite by Colonial forces in Basutoland 1879. (10 pp.)
WO 32/7793 Report from Surgeon General, Natal, on medical services during lateZulu War. (8 pp.)
WO 32/7795 Correspondence with Lord Chelmsford over conduct of operations
during Zulu War and publication of letters and dispatches; copies of dispatches, 1879. (16 pp.)
WO 32/7796 Reports relating to erection of cross as memorial to mark spot where Prince Imperial Louis Napoleon was killed. (7 pp.)
WO 32/7834 Victoria Cross: Awards to Lysons and Fowler. (9 pp.)
WO 33/33 Report on the Isandlana disaster, paper 736. (Not available)
WO 33/34 Correspondence relative to military affairs in South Africa, paper 766. (Not available)
WO 33/36 Land transport reports of the Zulu war, 1881, paper 831.
WO 71/343 Carey, J B. Offence: Misbehaviour before the enemy. Case arising from the death of the Prince Imperial in the Zulu War. (These are the only 5 papers surviving from the period 1851-1914, which are understood to
have been destroyed by bombing in 1940.) (65 pp.)
WO 91/48 Documents relating to the Carey Court Martial. (7 pp.)
WO 107/10 Zulu War. Report of Transport Officers of Army Service Corps, Regarding transportation arrangements and difficulties.
WO 132/1 Papers relating to the Zulu War, including an account of the fighting by Lt Col Buller, 1878-1879. (39 pp.) 6
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