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 Trooper Blaikie Natal Carbineers

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PostSubject: James Adrian Blaikie   Wed May 19, 2010 10:13 pm

Done some local research on Adrian Blaikie. He was a descendant of James Ogilvie Blaikie, Advocate and Lord Provost of Aberdeen.
Blaikies Quay named after him in Aberdeen harbour.
Born in Aberdeen on the 2nd of March 1859. Parents left for Natal in 1861. Returned to Scotland in 1872 to attend education at Fettes College in Edinburgh. Worked in a solicitor's office in Natal before joining Natal Carbineers.
Grave is made of imported red granite from Aberdeen.
The main source was Blaikie of Aberdeen by Amy H. Young, ©️ 1971.
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PostSubject: Re: Trooper Blaikie Natal Carbineers   Wed May 19, 2010 10:34 pm

The Volunteers were called up in the Zulu War and Jim Blaikie lost his life at Islandhlwana in January, 1879. He was nineteen years old. This short biography comes from A Story of an African City by J. Forsyth Ingram, chapter sixteen and we know too that while in Scotland Jim was looked after by his uncle and aunt, the William Garden Blaikies [William Garden Blaikie 1820 - 1899]. Before going to the Zulu War, Jim had bought himself a narrow silver band which he wore on his wrist. Whether it was the fashion or his own idea I am not sure. His younger brother, Harry [Henry Blaikie 1869 - 1931], had one too. After their victory at Islandhlwana the Zulus disembowelled the dead and left them where they had fallen and in most cases they took nothing from their persons. It was the sad task of relatives, after the war, to find their dead and bury them. Kenneth Hathorn [Kenneth Howard Hathorn 1849 - 1933] who had married Agnes Blaikie [Agnes Elizabeth Blaikiey Blaikie 1853 - 1894] [and thereby in 1890 produced, as their fifth child, the writer from whom I am quoting, Amy Hathorn / Young] went to bury Jim. The Natal Carbineers had fallen next to each other round their leader Colonel A W Durnford. KH identified Jim's body by the silver bracelet and by the size of his head. He had a big head and so had KH who tried his own hat on the poor dead head and found it a firm fit. Kenneth Hathorn went twice to the battle field and I surmise that he went the second time to place the stone on Jim's grave. It had been imported from Aberdeen and is granite of a red brown colour and it lies flat on the ground the length of the grave. The inscription reads:

"In memory of James Adrian Blaikie, eldest son of the late Anthony Adrian Blaikie, formerly of Aberdeen, a Volunteer Trooper in the Natal Carbineers. Killed here in battle, 22nd January 1879, aged 19 years."
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PostSubject: Trooper Blaikie Natal Carbineers   Sat May 22, 2010 11:25 pm

Was born at Aberdeen, Scotland, on 2nd March, 1859. He entered the High School, June, 1869, remaining until December, 1872, when he had risen to a high position in the school. He then went to Fettes' College, Edinburgh. Returning again to the Colony, he first entered the Civil Service, and then a solicitor's office, where he was long remembered for his remarkable intelligence. During this time he joined the Natal Carbineers as a trooper, and lost his life on 22nd January, 1879, on the field of Isandhlwana. His remains were identified as amongst those who fell surrounding their leader.
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PostSubject: Re: Trooper Blaikie Natal Carbineers   Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:53 pm

I think Ken Gillings has had too rebury Blaikie 3 times since the 1960s.

Anyone know why ? Was it vandalism ?

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PostSubject: Re: Trooper Blaikie Natal Carbineers   

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Trooper Blaikie Natal Carbineers
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