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Zulu Dawn:Corporal Storey: Oh no! Come all this bloody way to get shot by a bullet from Birmingham? Shoot straight you bastards!
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Brev. Lt. Colonel Redvers H. Buller, VC,
Staff. 2/60th, Zungwini, Hlobane, Khambula, Ulundi--signed [Mac & Shad] (Isandula Collection
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 Converted 1830 Trapdoor musket

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PostSubject: Converted 1830 Trapdoor musket   Thu Jan 19, 2012 7:06 pm

Sorry if you've seen this youtube clip already. Apparently used by theColonials.

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Neil Aspinshaw

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PostSubject: Re: Converted 1830 Trapdoor musket   Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:21 pm


Most entertaining.

Best taken with a great big dollop of wishful thinking . Its a complete bista with a Mk1 Snider "style" action.

The back-lock action is very reminiscent of a P1868 Albini Breadlin, however the trap door is Snider pattern, most closest is an Austrian Werndl. take your pick.
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Converted 1830 Trapdoor musket
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