Zulu Dawn:Col. Durnford: Sergeant, you're to ride back to Natal. When you see the Bishop tell him, that is, tell his daughter, that I was obliged to remain here with my infantry. Now go. God go with you. Sgt. Maj. Kambula: I leave God Jesus with you.
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 2022 Pte J Seabrook 90th Foot

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PostSubject: 2022 Pte J Seabrook 90th Foot   Mon May 28, 2012 6:53 pm

I've just been given my Great Grandfather's South Africa Campaign Medal 1879.
I know that they were also called the Perthshire Volunteers, but where can I find what part they actually played in the Zulu War? I've found the 90th Foot listed in many reference books on the subject, but they are hardly mentioned in the text. What action they were involved in? Did all the 90th fight together under one commander?
Did any of their commanders recieve medals for valour?
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PostSubject: Re: 2022 Pte J Seabrook 90th Foot   Mon May 28, 2012 9:57 pm

Hi Abina. Do know what the "J " Stands for.
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Mr M. Cooper


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PostSubject: 2022 Pte J Seabrook 90th foot   Mon May 28, 2012 11:43 pm

Hi Abina.

This from the book 'Uniforms and weapons of the Zulu war by Christopher Wilkinson - Latham'.

"At the end of 1878, the 90th Light infantry was concentrated at Utrecht. During the first invasion of Zululand they formed part of Colonel Evelyn Wood's No 4 column which crossed the Blood river into Zululand but after the disaster at iSandlwana fell back on a defensive position at Kambula. During the attack on Hlobane mountain on 28th march, the 90th were left to guard the camp, but the next day, at the battle of Kambula, the regiment played a prominent part. The regiment next took part in the second invasion of Zululand with Newdigate's division in Evelyn Wood's 'flying column'.

The 90th (Perthshire Volunteers) (Light infantry) were dressed as ordinary infantry and had buff coloured facings. It was not until 1881, when they became the 2nd battalion Scottish rifles, that they adopted the unique dark green doublet and tartan trews. The officers' forage cap badge was the stringed bugle horn with the number 90 within the strings, all in gold embroidery. Theglengarry badge was of the same design but was made of brass. On 13 February 1879 the arms of Perth were authorised to be worn on the glengarry and the tunic coller, but it is unlikely that these were worn during the Zulu war.'

Hope this helps.


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PostSubject: Pvt .J. Seabrook 2022 90th Foot .   Tue May 29, 2012 8:00 am

Hi Abina .
To quickly answer your question try using the search box by typing in 90th Regt I'm sure much information
will be available . I can tell you two members of the 90th Regt won the V.C during the zulu war , both for the action at Hlobane Mountain 28 / 3 / 79 . Sub - Lt Henry Lysons & Private Edmund John Fowler .
Cheers 90th. Salute
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PostSubject: Re: 2022 Pte J Seabrook 90th Foot   

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2022 Pte J Seabrook 90th Foot
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