Zulu Dawn: General Lord Chelmsford: For a savage, as for a child, chastisement is sometimes a kindness. Sir Henry Bartle Frere: Let us hope, General, that this will be the final solution to the Zulu problem
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Major-General Sir William Penn Symons
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Pte David Jenkins. 'Forgotten' Survivor of Rorke's Drift Returned to Official Records
The missing five hours.

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PostSubject: ARMY MEDICAL DEPARTMENT   Sun Jun 03, 2012 11:37 am


"Brigade Surgeon. T. Tarrant, M.D. Was appointed S.M.O. of Pearson?s Column on its formation. After completing three field hospitals for the Column, established the Base Hospital at Herwen, and remained there till March 1879. Was then appointed S.M.O. of the Relief Column, and, taking part in its advance, was present at the battle of  Gingindlovu. Mentioned in despatches. Was afterwards S.M.O. of Crealock?s Div., remaining with it in that capacity till it was broken up. On returning from Zululand was appointed S.M.O. of the camp and convalescent station at Pine Town.

Surgeon-Major. Ingham W.J. Was Senior Surgeon-Major in charge of the Field Hospital, Pietermaritzburg, Base of Operations Natal and Lower Tugela.

Surgeon-Major. F.B. Scott, M.B. Served on the personal Staff of Lord Chelmsford, and in medical charge of the HQ Staff during the war. Was present at the battle of Ulundi. (Mentioned in despatches.)

Surgeon-Major. Dudley, W.E. Arrived at Durban in March 1879, and was nominated to the 57th Regt. Was detained at Herwen Hospital to take charge during the absence of Surg.-Maj. Tarrant with the Relief Column. Received the sick from Eshowe and the wounded from  Gingindlovu, remaining at Herwen until appointed M.O. of the Buffs. Subsequently acted as S.M.O. of all the forces on the Lower Tugela, and had charge of Fort Pearson Hospital. Was invalided home in July.

Surgeon-Major. R.C.C. Hickson, M.D. Was in medical charge at Cape Town in Nov. 1878. Volunteered, in May 1879, for employment in the war, and proceeded vi? Durban to Newcastle to take charge of the dep?t there. Was S.M.O. of the Utrecht District till the conclusion of the war.

Surgeon-Major. Fitzmaurice, J. Served in the first phase of the war with Pearson?s Column. Was present at the battle of Nyezane, and was S.M.O at Eshowe throughout the blockade. Afterwards had temporary charge of the Base Field Hospital on the Lower Tugela. Subsequently proceeded to Utrecht, and was in charge of the Base Field Hospital of the Flying Column at that station till the conclusion of the war.

Surgeon-Major. J.A. Anderson, M.D. Served during the war with the Flying Column. Was present at the battle of Ulundi in command of the bearer company of the Column, and in medical charge of the detachment of Artillery and Engineers. (Mentioned in despatches.)

Surgeon-Major. W.C. Gasteen, M.B.  Served throughout the Zulu and Sekhukhuni campaigns as Secretary and Statistical Officer to the Surgeon-General of the Forces in the Field.


Thrupp, J.G. Was attached to the 1st Batt. 24th Regt., and was in charge of the Staff and Dept. during the first phase of the war. Was subsequently in charge of No. 1 Field Hospital of Glyn?s Column.

G.E. Twiss, M.D.

Served first with Villier?s force in the operations against Mbilini?s brothers (being present at the encounter with the enemy at Emlahlanlelah), and subsequently with the H.D.G.?s and the Transvaal Field Force.

Dr. Apthorp, F.W.

Dr. Beresford, W.H.

Dr. Broomer, J Mc W.

Dr. Brannington, H.C.

Dr. Bridwood, R.A.

Dr. Burton, J.R.

Dr. Bushby, A.R.

Dr. Cheyne, W.R.

Dr. Clubbe, C.P.B.

Dr. Duncan, A.S.

Dr. Garland, G.H.

Dr. Giles, B.F.

Dr. Giles, B.M.

Dr. Gill, J.

Dr. Gordon, S.F.

Dr. Greer, T.

Dr. Gubbins, C.O.F.

Dr. Hare, E.H.

Dr. Hartley, W.D.

Dr. Hayes, T.E.D.

Dr. Heath, J.L.

Dr. Hebb, R.G.

Dr. Hope, T.M.

Dr. Illingworth, C.R.

Dr. Jennings, E.

Dr. Johnston, R.C.

Dr. Jolly, R.W.

Dr. Leslie, A.

Dr. Leslie, R.B.

Dr. Lewis, C.B.

Dr. Linden, H.C.

Dr. McCrea, J.F.

Dr. Macdonald, W.C.C

Dr. Mansell, E.R.

Dr. Moir, J.H.

Dr. Mulligan, E.J.

Dr. O?Neill, J.G.

Dr. Reynolds, L.M.

Dr. Roberts, F.J.

Dr. Roe, C.

Dr. Ryley, J.R.

Dr. Wilson, E.M.

Dr. Woods, A.A.

Dr. Wood, R.E.

The above-named officer of the Medical Department and Civilian Surgeons served in the war over a very wide extent of territory, performing much arduous and important duty with the troops in the field, on the lines of communication, and at the bases. The services of those whose names only are recorded  are no longer available to the compliers of this work.


Lieut. of Orderlies. (Hon. Capt.) Sylvester, H.J. Served throughout the war as District Officer of Orderlies; as Actg. Adjt. and QM A.H.C. had charge of all Medical Stores in S. Africa, and was Direct Accountant to M.O. for hospital camp equipment used in the campaign. (Promoted Hon. Captain for services.)

Lieut. of Orderlies. (Hon. Capt.) Gorman, L. Embarked with the S. African expeditionary force in Feb. 1879, and served on the line of communication till the conclusion of the war, and throughout the Sekhukhuni campaign. (Mentioned in despatches; honorary rank of Captain.)

Lieut. of Orderlies. McGreal, F. Embarked for Natal in November 1878, and served with the Field Force and on the lines of communication throughout the war.

Lieut. of Orderlies. Johnson, H. Embarked with the S. African expeditionary force in Feb. 1879, and served with the Field Force and on the lines of communication during the war.

Lieut. of Orderlies. Pike, W. Embarked for Natal in Feb., 1879, in command of a detachment A.H.C. Proceeded to join Newdigate?s Div. At Landman?s Drift, taking over the equipment and stores of the Base Hospital at Ladysmith and establishing a Field Hospital at Dundee en route. On reaching HQ formed two movable field hospitals for infantry and cavalry, and sent a third to Conference Hill. Took part, in charge of four field hospitals, in the advance of the Div. into Zululand. Was present at the battle of Ulundi (horse killed at the commencement of the action). On the break-up of the Div, was strongly recommended by the S.M.O. for promotion. Supplied movable field hospitals to Baker Russell?s Column.

Lieut. of Orderlies. McIntyre, D. Landed at Durban in April, and was ordered to join Crealock?s Div. Subsequently joined the Flying Column at Utrecht, and was posted at the Base Field Hospital till the whole of the troops and stores were cleared out of Zululand. At the latter end of Oct. joined the Base Field Hospital of the Transvaal Field Force at Newcastle, and remained there till the break-up of the establishment.

Lieut. of Orderlies. Cox, C.A. Proceeded to Natal in Nov. 1878, and served with the Field Force and on the lines of communication throughout the war.

Lieut. of Orderlies. Marshall, J.D.

Lieut. of Orderlies. Horn, J.    Both proceeded to Natal with detachments in Feb. 1879, and served with the Field Force and on the lines of communication till the conclusion of the war. Lieut. Horn subsequently served with the Field Force in the operations against Sekhukhuni.


Surgeon-General.J.A. Woolfryes, M.D., C.B., C.M.G.

Depy. Surg.-Gen.J.L. Holloway, C.B.


A. Semple, M.D.

W. Skeen, M.D.

R.W. Jackson, C.B.

A.C. Robertson, M.D.

J.G. Leask, M.B.

B.C. Kerr, M.D.

D.F. de Hodgson, M.D.

Hunt, J.H.

Giraud, C.H.

Wallace, J.

Stafford, P.W.

Boulton, E.J.

J.D. Edge, M.D.

Lamb, H.

C.S. Wills, C.B.

R.W. Hare, M.B.

G. Ashton, M.B.

C M?D. Cuffe, C.B.

Smith, W.P.

Elgee, W.

D.A. Leslie, M.D.

Babington, T.

Stock, J.N.

J. Hector, M.B.

Robinson, A.B

Ward, E.

D. Renton, M.D.

Mally, R.N.

W. Johnson, M.D.

H. Comerford, M.D.

W.A. Jennings, M.D.

Burnett, W.F.

J.H. Reynolds, M.B., V.C.

Murphy, R.

E. Townsend, M.D.

J. O?Reilly, M.B.

Parkinson, R.C.

S.T. Cotter, M.D.

Heather, D.C.W.

H. Jagoe, M.B.

J. Fraser, M.D.

J.H. Ussher, M.B.

W. Geoghegan, M.B.

Brown, A.L.

Jennings, C.B.

Surg.-Major (h.p.) Alcock, N.

Surg.-Major (h.p.) J. Carlaw, M.D.


Ryan, G.

A.H. Stokes, M.B.

Saunders, W.E.

J.B. WIlson, M.D.

Leake, G.D.N.

J.W. O?M. Martin, M.B.

Ward, E.C.R.

R.V. Ash, M.B.

Connolly, B.B.

R. Drury, M.D.

C.J.L. Busche, M.B.

H.H. Stokes, M.B.

J. King, M.D.

M?Gann, J.

Landon, A.J.

Ritchie, J.L.

Wallis, K.S.

Lloyd, O.E.P.

Harding, A.

Falvey, J.J.

Dowman, J.F.

Cross, H.R.O.

Nurse J. Wells.  Royal Red Cross, Russian Red Cross."
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