Film Zulu Dawn:Lt. Col. Pulleine: His Lordship is of the cetain opinion that it's far too difficult an approach to be chosen by the Zulu command. Col. Durnford: Yes, well... difficulty never deterred a Zulu commander.
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Brev. Lt-Col. R.H. Buller, VC, Staff
Brev. Lt-Col. R.H. Buller, VC, Staff: 2/60th KRRC-Zungwini,Hlobane, Khambula, Ulundi [Mac and Shad] Isandula Collection
Anglo-Zulu War 1879 - Dr David Rattray

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Pte David Jenkins. 'Forgotten' Survivor of Rorke's Drift Returned to Official Records
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 Lieutenant-Colonel Adam Rivers Steele Anderson

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PostSubject: Lieutenant-Colonel Adam Rivers Steele Anderson   Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:06 pm

Lieutenant-Colonel Adam Rivers Steele Anderson, Bengal Medical Service (retired), died at Branksone Park, Bournemouth, on July 5th. He was born on March 3rd, 1863, and educated at Cambridge, where he graduated B.A., with honours, in 1882, and M.B. in 1886; he was a student at St. Mary's, and took the M.R.C.S. in 1885 and the D.P.H. in 1889. After holding the office of resident medical officer at St. Mary's, he entered tile I.M.S. as surgeon in 1889, became lieutenant-colonel after twenty years' service, and retired in 1918. After four years' military duty he was appointed surgeon naturalist to the Indian Marine Survey in March, 1893, and served on the Royal Indian Marine s.s. Inrestigator. In October, 1900, he became senior medical officer at Port Blair in the Andaman Islands, the great Indian penal settlement for life convicts, recently abolished as such. In May, 1906, he was transferred to civil employment in Bengal, and in April, 1912, became civil surgeon of Dakka, then the prize station of Bengal. In January, 1916, he returned to military duty for service in the late war, and remained at that duty till his retirement, two and a half years later. Lieutenant-Colonel Anthony Lennon Brown, R.A.M.C. (retired), died at Pinhoe, Exeter, on July 6th, aged 81. He was educated at the Ledwich School, Dublin, and after taking the L.K.Q.C.P. and L.R.C.S.I. in 1866, entered the army as assistant surgeon in 1868. He attained the rank of brigade surgeon lieutenant-colonel in
1894, and retired on December 15th, 1897. He served in the Ashanti war of 1873-74, was present at the battle of Amoaful, and in the advance on Kumasi, was mentioned in dispatches, and received the medal with a clasp; in the South African war of 1878-79, in the operations againist the Gaikas, and in the Zulu campaign, he was present at the battles of Kambula and Ulundi, was mentioned in dispatches in the London Gazette of May 7th and August 21st, 1879 (medal with clasp); in the Sudan campaign of 1884-85, with the Nile column (medal with clasp, and Khedi--e's bronze star); and in the Sudan in 1885-86, with the Frontier F'ield Force, when he took part in the action at Giniss."
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PostSubject: Lt - Col Adam Rivers Steele Henderson    Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:59 am

Henderson couldnt have taken part in the zulu war as he wasnt born till 1863 ! , also he didnt graduate till 1882 ! . Possibly you didnt realise there are two men in this post ? . The chap in the second part of your post Lt - Col Anthony Lennon Brown certainly did take part in the AZW , being Surgeon - major and listed as being at the battle of Ulundi in Mackinnon & Shadbolt .
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Lieutenant-Colonel Adam Rivers Steele Anderson
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