Lt. Melvill: Well done, Sir! Did you see that Noggs? Deceived him with the up and took him with the down. Norris-Newman: Well well, this one's a grandfather at least. If he'd been a Zulu in his prime I'd have given odds against your lancer, Mr.Melvill.
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 Distribution of British Troops

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PostSubject: Distribution of British Troops   Tue Jan 06, 2015 9:33 pm

Distribution of British Troops
in Natal and Transvaal
22 February 1879

Lt General Commanding: F. A. Lord Chelmsford
Personal Staff:
Assistant Military Secretary: Brevet Lt Col Crealock, 95th Foot
Aides-de-Camp: Brevet Major Gosset, 54th Foot
Captain Bullr, R.B.
Lieutenant Milne, R. N.
Headquarters Staff:
Deputy Adjutant & Quartermaster-General: Colonel Bellairs (unattached)
Deputy Asst-Adjt & Qrmr Gen: Brevet Major Spalding, 104th Foot
Brevet Mjor Grenfell, 60th Foot
Officer Commanding R.A.: Lt Colonel Law
Officer Commanding R.E.: Colonel Hassard, CB
Officer Commanding Natal Mounted Police & Volunteers:
Major Dartnell N.M.P.
District Commissary Strickland, C.B.
Commissary General (Ordnance): Deputy Commissary General Wright
District Paymaster: Staff Paymaster Ball
Principal Medical Officer: Deputy Surgean General Woolfrye, C.B., M.D.

No.1 Column: Colonel Commanding: Colonel Pearson, 3rd Foot
Orderly Officer: Lieutenant Knight, 3rd Foot
Staff Officer: Brevet Colonel Walker, C.B., Scots Guards
General Staff Duties: Captain McGregor, 29th Foot
Transport Duties: Captain Pelly Clarke, 103rd Foot
Senior Commissariat Officer: Assistant Commissary Heygate
Sub District Paymaster: Paymaster Gorges
Senior Medical Officer: Surgeon Major Tarrant
Royal Artillery: 2 7 pdrs (mule), Liuetenant Lloyd
Royal Engineers: No. 2 Coy, Captain Wynne, R.E.
2/3rd Foot, Lt Colonel Parnell, 3rd Foot
99th Foot (6 Coys), Lt Colonel Welman
Naval Brigade, Commander Campbell, R.N.
No. 2 Squadron Mounted Infantry, Captain Barrow, 19th Hussars
Natal Hussars, Captain Norton
Durban Mounted Rifles, Captain Shepstone
Alexandra Mounted Rifles, Captain Arbuthnot
Stanger Mounted Rifles, Captain Addison
Victoria Mounted Rifles, Captain Saner
2nd Regiment Native Contingent, Major Graves, 3rd Foot
Staff Officer: Captain Hart, 31st Foot
1st Bn Major Graves, 3rd Foot
2nd Bn Commandant Nettleton
No. 2 Coy Natal Native Pioneers, Captain Beddoes

No.2 Column: Commanding: Lt Colonel Durnford, R.E.
General Staff Duties: Captain Barton, 7th Foot
Transport Duties: Liuetenant Cochrane, 32nd Foot
Senior Medical Officer: Civilian Surgean Cartwright Read
Rocket Battery (Mules), Captain Rusell, R.A.
1/1st Natal Native Contingent, Commandant Montgomery
2/1st Natal Native Contingent, Major Bengough, 77th Foot
3/1st Natal Native Contingent, Captain Cherry, 32nd Foot
Sikali's Horse
No. 3 Coy Natal Native Pioneers, Captain Allen

No.3 Column: Commanding: Brevet Colonel Glyn, C.B., 24th Foot
Orderly Officer: Lieutenant Coghill, 24th Foot
Staff Officer: Major Clery
General Staff Dutes: Captain Gardner, 14th Hussars
Transport Duties: Captain Essex, 75th Foot
Senior Commissariat Officer: Assistant Commissary Dunne
Sub District Paymaster: Paymaster Elliott (hon. capt.)
Senior Medical Officer: Surgeon Major Shepherd
N Battery R.A., Brevet Lt Colonel Harness
Royal Engineers: No. 5 Coy, Captain Jones, R.E.
1/24th Foot, Brevet Lt Colonel Pulleine
2/24th Foot, Colonel Degacher, C.B. 24th Foot
No. 1 Squadron Mounted Infantry, Lt Col (l.r.) Russell, 12th Lancers
Natal Mounted Police, Major Dartnell
Natal Carbineers, Captain Shepstone
Newcastle Mounted Rifles, Captain Bradstreet
Buffalo Border Guard, captain Smith
3rd Regiment Native Contingent, Commandant Lonsdale
Staff Officer: Lieutenant Hartford, 99th Foot
1st Bn Commandant Lonsdale
2nd Bn Commandant Cooper
No. 1 Coy Natal Native Pioneers, Captain Nolan

No.4 Column: Colonel Commanding: Colonel Evelyn Wood, V.C., C.B., 90th Foot
Orderly Officer: Lieutenant Lyons, 99th Foot
Staff Officer: Captain Hon. R. CAmpbell, Coldstream Guards
General Staff Duties: Captain Woodgate 4th Foot
Transport Duties: Captain Vaughan, R.A.
Senior Commissariat Officer: Commissary Hughes
Sub District Paymaster: Paymaster MacDonald
Senior Medical Officer: Surgeon Major Cuffe
Royal Artillery: 6 7 pdrs Major Tremlett, R.A.
1/13th Foot, Lt Colonel Gilbert, 13th Foot
90th Foot, Brevet Lt Colonel Cherry, 90th Foot
Frontier Light Horse, Brevet Lt Colonel Buller, C.B., 60th Foot
Wood's Irregulars, Commandant Henderson

No.5 Column: Commanding: Colonel Rowalnds, V.C., C.B.
Staff Officer: Captain Harvey, 71st Foot
District Adjutant: Lieutenant Potts, 80th Foot
Senior Commissariat Officer: Assistant Commissary General Phillips
Commissary of Ordnance: Commissary Wyon
Sub District Paymaster: Assistant Paymaster Burgers
Senior Medical Officer: Surgeon Major Johnson
80th Foot, Major Tucker
Schutte's Corps, Captain Schutte
Eckersley Contingent, Captain Eckersley
Raaff's Corps, Captain Raaff
Ferreira's Horse, Captain Ferreira
Border Lancers, Lt Colonel Wetherley
Traansvaal Rangers, Cape Mounted Rifles
1 Krupp gun
26pdrs, Armstrong
Line of Communication:
Grey Town - Helpmakaar: Commanding: Brevet Lt Colonel Hopton, 88th Foot
District Adjutant: Lieutenant Morehead, 24th Foot
Commissariat Officer: Commissariat Farne
Commissariat (Ordnance): Commissary Moors
District Paymaster: Paymaster Bacon
Senior Medical Officer: Surgeon Major Ingham
Commanding General Depot: Brevet Major Chamberlain, 34th Foot
1 coy 88th, Fort Napier
Grey Town and Middledrift: Commanding: Major Brock 24th Foot
Grey Town: 1 coy, 2.4th Foot
Helpmakaar - Rorke's drift: Commanding: Colonel Bray, C.B., 4th Foot
4 coys 2/4th Foot
Base of Operations, Durban: Commanding: Major Huskinson, 56th Foot
General Duties: Captain Somerset, R.B.
Transport Duties: Captain Spratt, 24th Foot
Senior Commissaiat Officer: Deputy Commissariat Grant
Commissary of Ordnance: Assistant Commissary de Ricci
Senior Medical Officer: Surgeon Jennings
1 coy 99th Foot
Stanger - Lower Tugela Drift: Commanding: Brevet Major Walker, 99th Foot
1 coy 99th Foot
Fort Pearson: Detachment, Naval Brigade
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PostSubject: Distribution of British troops    Wed Jan 07, 2015 3:26 am

John I think you mean 22 January not February Salute
90th Very Happy
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John Young


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PostSubject: Re: Distribution of British Troops   Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:32 am

The original document was issued by Bill Bellairs from Fort Napier, it was subsequently reproduced in the Times of Natal of 20th January, 1879.  It has slightly fewer errors than in the list above.


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PostSubject: Re: Distribution of British Troops   Thu Jan 08, 2015 11:33 am

John Young wrote:
The original document was issued by Bill Bellairs from Fort Napier, it was subsequently reproduced in the Times of Natal of 20th January, 1879.  It has slightly fewer errors than in the list above.



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PostSubject: Re: Distribution of British Troops   Thu Jan 08, 2015 12:39 pm

I found the symbol of ordinary people silently
holding aloft a pen..very moving. xhosa
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PostSubject: Re: Distribution of British Troops   

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Distribution of British Troops
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