Film Zulu Quotes: Pte. Thomas Cole: Why is it us? Why us? Colour Sergeant Bourne: Because we're here, lad. Nobody else. Just us.
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The Zulu warriors attack the Brits at the Battle of Isandlwana

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Pte David Jenkins. 'Forgotten' Survivor of Rorke's Drift Returned to Official Records
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Pte David Jenkins. 'Forgotten' Survivor of Rorke's Drift Returned to Official Records
The missing five hours.

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 Remembering all  those that were K.I.A 22nd / 23rd Jan 1879. 136th Anniversary.

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PostSubject: Remembering all  those that were K.I.A 22nd / 23rd Jan 1879. 136th Anniversary.    Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:07 pm

KILLED IN ACTION. Nyezane drift

Private J. Bough, 2nd Battalion 3rd Foot.
Private J. Kelleher, 2nd Battalion 3rd Foot.
Lieutenant J. L. Raines, N.N.C.
Lieutenant G. Platterer, N.N.C.
Sergeant Emil Unger, N.N.C.
Corporal W. Tieper, N.N.C.
Corporal E. Miller, N.N.C.
Corporal Carl Goesch, N.N.C.
Private Peter Dunn, 2nd Battalion 3rd Foot, since dead.
Private J. Corteel, 2nd Battalion 3rd Foot.
Private F. Smith, 2nd Battalion 3rd Foot.
Private F. Clifford, 2nd Battalion 3rd Foot.
Private H. Walker, 2nd Battalion 3rd Foot
Quartermaster - Sergeant Kelly, Musketry- Instructor, 90th Foot.
Private W. Devenport, Musketry Instructor, 2nd Battalion 24th Foot.
H. Gosling, A.B., Naval Brigade.
G. Berryman, O.S., Naval Brigade.
G. Doran, O.S., Naval Brigade.
T. Butler, A.B., Naval Brigade. 
E. White, O.S., Naval Brigade.
Krooman, Jack Ropeyarn, O.S., Naval Brigade
Ducklewis, O.S., Naval Brigade.
Lieutenant H. Webb, N.N.C.
Sergeant O. Aeydenburg, N.N.C.

Nyezane drift - battlefield in background
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Photo By Ken Killings

LIST of Officers and Men killed in action at the Camp, Isandhlwana Hill, Zululand, on the 22nd January, 1879.  

"N" Battery, 5th Brigade R.A. 
Captain and Brevet-Major Stuart Smith
Brevet-Major F. B.  Russell, R.A., Rocket Battery
Sergeant Edwards, William 3483 Corporal Bailey, H.R. 1119 Corporal Cooper, William 2721 Corporal  Langridge, John 1872 
Bombardier Parker, John 746 A/Bombardier Nash, Thomas 1763  A/Bombardier Leguay, John 3181 A/Bombardier McDonnell, James 2196  
A/Bombardier Aylett, James 1882  A/Bombardier Boswell, Thomas 147 Farrier Sergeant Whinham, Robert 841  Collar Maker Shepperd, Thomas753 
Shoeing Smith Elliott, Thomas1462       
Beech, Frank. 1883 Berry, Thomas 655 1885 Burke, James Byrne, James 2189 
Cockrane, Samuel 646  Collins, Robert 1311 1082 Connelly, John 1637 Davies, Isaac 
Dickins, William 3484 Harrison, Thomas 668 Hicks, James 1412 James, Edward G.1773  
King, Charles 1834 Lamb, James 1113 McGregor, Murdoch 2945  Mead, James 1655 
Marshall, William 1683 Miller, Thomas 2630 O'Neal, Daniel 2633 Page, Henry 2322  
Redman, Alexander 1438  Reede, John 692  Regan, John 2460 Roscoe, William 2183 
Smythe, Joseph 1405  Stevenson, Joseph 1833 ("Joseph" in the despatch "R." on the roll) Williams, Robert 2652 Wilson, Thomas 2819 
Wilson, William 1626 Woolacott, Alfred 704     
Adams, William 1471 Allen, Henry 751 Barron, William 707  Bishop, Charles 1524  
Brooks, James 2174 Bruce, Thomas 1961 Clarke, Thomas 1598  Cowley, Henry 2301 
Dailey, John 1185 Hiatt, William 727 Hutchings, James 723 Jones, J. William 2178 
Joyce, Leonard 1997 Marchant, John741 McKeown, George 2119  Murphy, Francis 2015 
648 Spread, Charles       
Also on the despatch cannot locate elsewhere??:  Bailey, George 1073 , Driver.     
Royal Engineers. 
Lieutenant-Colonel  Durnford, A. W.
Lieutenant  McDowell, F. H. (spelling at some sources McDowel)
Captain Shepstone, G.  Political Assistant to Colonel Durnford
7100 Corporal Gamble, W. (5th Coy) 9312 Sapper Cuthbert, H. (5th Coy) 13805 Sapper Maclaren  J. (5th Coy) 12812 SapperWheatley M.  (5th Coy) 
1st Battalion 24th Regiment. 
Major and Lieutenant-Colonel Pulleine, H. B.
Captain Degacher, William
Captain Mostyn, W. E.
Captain Wardell, G. V.
Captain Younghusband, R.
Lieutenant and Adjutant Melville, T.
Lieutenant Porteous, F. P.
Lieutenant Cavaye, C. W.
Lieutenant Anstey, E. D. 
Lieutenant Coghill, N. J. A. 
Lieutenant Daly, J. P. 
Lieutenant Hodson, G. F. J. 
Lieutenant Atkinson, C. J. 
2nd Lieutenant Dyson, E. H. 
Paymaster White, F. F. (APD) 
Qrt.-Master Pullen, J. 
Sergt.-Major Gapp, F.  671 
Qr.-Mst.-Srgt. Leitch, T.  557 
Sgt.-I.  Msktry Chambers, G.  1011 
Drm-Major Taylor, R.  843 
Ord.-R.-Sergt. Fitzgerald, G. G.  1850 
P.-Mtr.-Sergt. Mead, G.  896 
Amry.-Sergt. Hayward, H.  400 
Sergt.-Cook Field, A.  1510 
Tailor-Srgt. Smedley, J.  559 
Canteen Steward Seaton W.P.
Brown, T.  1118 Ballard, J. 1125 Edwards, W.  1289 Wolfe, F. H.  617 
Whitfield, W.  1887       
Ainsworth, P.  1699 Bennett, G.  1895  Bradley D.  909 Clarkson, Jno.  954 
Coholan, Wm.  1019 Cooper, T.  1313 Edwards, Jno.  1881    Fay, Thos,  1849 
Fowden, J. 315 Gamble, D.  570 Giles, E. 968 Greatorex, J.  1754 
Heppenstall,  C.  1806  Hornibrook, M.  824 Parsons, Wm. 581 Piall, A.  1045 
Smith, Jno.  1370 Upton, G.  565     
Milner, Jno.  232 Reardon, Jno  1260     
Ball, N  126 Bell, P.  421 Bellhouse, Jno.  1415 Board. A.  1391 
Davis R. S.  125 Everett, E. 28 Franks, Jno.  23 Knight, Jno.  1886 
Lawler, Jno.  415 Markham,P.  524 Miller, M.  1616 Richardson H  1736 
Rowden, Jno.  885 Tarbuck, Jno.  1538  (Tarbruck??) Williams, R. 193   
Lance Corporals, Drummers and Privates ( Private unless stated otherwise) 
Abbott, R.  1442  Drummer Adams, W. H.  2003 Allingham, T.  476 Amos, E.  937 
Drummer Andrews, C.  267 Atkins, A.  1237 Bailey, Jno  710 (Joseph??) Baker, E  1496 
Barry, Jno.  466 Barry, Jno.  727 Bartles, J.  1476 Bastard, C.  451 
Beadon, R.  501  Beckett, Wm. 135 ( Died of wounds received at Rorke's Drift see despatch.) Benham, Jno.  349 Bennett, A.  1469 
Bennett, R.  647 Benson, R.  643 Betterton, N.  1656 Birch, Jno.  635 
Bishop, J.  154 Blackhurst, — (R.) 1681 Blower, Jas.  1474 Bodman, F.  221 ( Bodmin??) 
Boulton, S.  64 Boylan, Jno.  106 Bray, Jas  950 Breese, Jno.  487 (Breeze??) 
Brew, J. W.  43 Brodrick, J.  718 (Broderick??) Brown, J.  628 Brown, Wm  320 
Bugby, F. W.  452 Bull, Jno.  1875 (James??) Burke, T.  55 Burke, Wm. 176 
Burke, Wm.  886 Busby, Thos.  1461  Butler, W.J.  1908 Bye, Jno.  308 on the despatch not KIA on medal roll 
Cahill, J.  494 Callanan, J.  on dispatch no trace elsewhere Camp, Jas.  825 Campbell, M.  840 
Cantillon Jas.  713 (Canhillon??) Carpenter, W. H.  648 ( H only on roll) Carrol, P.  337 Casey, Jas.  507 
Ceiley, E.  204 (Ceily??) Lance-Corporal Chadwick, Wm. 406 ( Pte. on the Roll) Chalmers, W.  2001 Chapman, Wm.  1825 - on the despatch not KIA on medal roll 
Chatterton, Jas.  389 Christian, D.  1177 ( J on roll) Clarke, A.  1545 Clarke, M.  1801 
Clements, H. 226 ( W on roll ) Clutterbuck, Wm.  724 Cole, A   334 Coleman, ,Jas.  749 
Collins, D.  359 Collins, T.  245 Colston, J.  205 ( initial T on roll) Lance-Corporal Conboye, G.  1424 ( Pte. on the roll) 
Connolly, C.  722 (Conmelly on despatch) Connolly, Jno  199 (Conmelly on despatch) Connors, S.  290 ( Cormers on despatch) Cook,. Jas.  112 
Cooper, H  18 Coughlan, R.  1690 (Coughlin on despatch) Cox, Jas.  505 Cox, T.  290 
Cullen, M.  797 Davis, A.  640 Davis, E.  1099 Davis, W.  1042 
Drummer Dibden, G.  1786 Diggle, M.  184 Diggles, Jas.  115 (Diggle, T. on roll) Dobbin, Jno.  395 
Dobbs, Wm.  550 Donohoe C.  1790 Doran, M.  242 Dorman, Jno.  1845 
Dowde, P  674 Dredge, Wm.  235 Duck, T.  438 Duckworth, G.  1677 
Duffey, Jno.  185 ( Duffy on roll) Dugmore, E.  1327 Dunn, F.  446 Dyer, Jno.  215  
Edwards, Jno.  526 Edwards, W. G.  1799 ( W only on roll) Egan, Wm.  1582 Egan, Thos.  66 
Eldrington, W.  211 Elderton, G.  1318 Ellis, D.  312 ( O. on the roll) Ellison, H.  163 (Ellisan on the despatch ) 
Ellsmore, J  450 ( Ellsmone on the despatch) Evans, D   566 Evans, J. W.  109   
Lance-Corporal Every, T.  518 ( Evry & Pte. on the roll) Faircloth, Jno.  21 Farmer, Wm.  178 Fay, G. H.  403 
Ferris, M.  354 Fitzgerald, T.  73 Flint, E.  1897 Flood W. 1752 
Fortune, Jas.  1459 Freeman, W.  862 Gilder, T.  1305 Gillan, Jno.  22 
Gingell, C.  830 (Gingle on the despatch) Glass, G.  408 Goatham, A. 1794 Goddard, C.  863 
Goodchild, G.  1872 ( Goddchild  on the despatch) Goss,  T. 1750 (Gass on the despatch) Green, W.  1854 Gregg  W.   1423 ( Greig, on the despatch) 
Gregson, Wm.  514  Griffiths, G.  535 Hadden, G.  667 Hale, I. 153 
Hall, Jno.  633 Hannaford, Jacob.  11 Lance-Corporal Harkin T. 1459 ( Hackin on despatch) Harman, J. 678  
Harney, D.  565 (Hamey on the despatch) Boy Harrington, T. J.   Harrington, Dennis 787 Harris, T. H  234 
Hayden, Wm.  400  Harris, Wm.  392  Hyden, W 400 Drummer Haynes, Jno.  542 ( Pte. on the roll) 
Hedges, Jas.  30 Hemmings, C  696 Lance-Corporal. Hewitt, Jno.  7 ( Pte. on the roll) Hicken, W. H.  747 (Hickin on the despatch ) 
Hibbard Jas.  1295 Hicks, T.  1856 Higgins, T.  720 Hind, J.  1857 (  Hines. T. on the despatch.) 
Hitchene, Jno.  776 ( Hitchin on the despatch ) Holden, Wm.  1757  Holland, J.  1780  Lance-Corporal Horgan, Dd.  833 
Horn, Jno 1673  ( Home on despatch). Hornbuckle, C.  1501 Horrigan, Wm 1861- KIA Rorke's Drift.   Hough, Wm.  1444 ( Haugh on despatch) 
Hughes, E.  533 Hughes, John.  237 Hughes, John  404 Hughes,  Owen   324 
Hughes, T.  206 (initial "S." on despatch). Iggulden, A.  1892 Isley, F.G. 1882 ( Ilsley, F on the despatch ) Ivatts, E.  536 
Jenkins, Jas.  841  Jenkins, W.  1083 Jenkins, W.  1767 Johnson, G.   553 
Johnson, H.  1774  Johnson, J.  287 Lance-Corporal Johnson, Wm.  1449 Johnston, A.  25B/1 
Johnston, G.  1465 Johnston, Jas. 381 Johnston, Jno   633  Jones, E  25B/350 
Jones, Jno.  360 Jones, Jno.  428 Jones, T.  259 Jones, Wm.  341 
Jones, Wm.  1682 Keane, J.  88 (  Keene on despatch ) Keegan, Jas.  1259 Kelly, A   432 
Kelly, F.  645 Kelly Jas.  520 Kelly, J. F.  789 Kempsall, N.   1890 
Kempster, Jno.  883 Knight, Jas.  1155 Lamb, Jas  275 Lambert, Thos.  707 
Lawrence, Jno.  1541 Leech, R. W.  131 ( Leach on despatch) Leaver, T.  326 Lee, Jno.  882 
Lewis, H.  72 Lewis, R.  478 Ling, Jas.  1277 Linnane, Jno 531 ( Lenain on despatch ) 
Lippett, S.  133 (Lippet  on despatch ) Lisbeck, G  710 ( J on roll ) Lloyd, J.  1862 (Lloyde, G.  on despatch ) Lockett, W  296 
Lovell, C.  521 Lowe, C.  1649 Lowe, R.  1841 Lycett, Jas.  268 
Lyons, Jno.  258 McDonald, M.  663  McFarlane, M.  1393 (McFarlame on despatch ) McHale, J.  330 
Mack, H. A.  1378 ( A  only on roll ) MacKenzie, J. J.  630 Maer  J.R.  47 (  Mair, G.R. on despatch) Mahoney, C.  590 Rocket Battery 
Mahoney, M., 137 Mann, Wm.  992 Marley, L.  916 Marney, C.  1348 ( Maney on despatch ) 
Martin, D.  1758 Meredith, J. H.   293 Millen, C. 1509 Miller, P.   508 
Moore, R.  1398 Morgan, Jno.  803 Morgan, Wm.  490 Morris, G .610  ( Jno on despatch ) 
Morse, R.  730 Murphy, Jno.  25B/63 Murphy, P.  862 Murray, Jno.  594 
Nash, P.  399 Newberry, .A.  1928 (Newbery on despatch ) Newberry, T.  1906 ( Newbery on despatch ) Nickolas, E., 625 Rorke's Drift  
Nickolas, Wm  648 Nye, Wm.  1839 ( W.E. on roll ) Oakley, Wm.  1245 Odey, G.  754 
Ogden, Jas.  1417 Drummer Osmond, C.  1226 ( G.  on despatch ) Drummer Orlopp, J. F.  2   Padmore, Jas   1478 
Painter, T.   980 Parry, R.  471 Patterson, G. H.  12 ( H.H. on roll ) Peters Jno. 310 
Phillips, Jno.  237 Phillips, J. N.  845 Drummer Perkins, T.  1-24/1 Pickard, J. R.  87 
Plant, S.  374 Plunkett, J.  181 Pollen, A.  1368 (Pallen on despatch ) Pope, W.  1793 
Potten U. 222  Pottow?? Powell, H.  739 Proctor, Jno.   950   Prasser, G.  597 ( Prosser on roll ) 
Prasser, Jno.  797 ( Prosser on roll ) Pugh, W.  182 Pugh, Wm.  856 Quirk, Jas.  513 
Drummer Reardon, T.  501 Remmington, E.  1826 Retford, W. H.  1650 Richards, G.  840 
Richardson, M.  871 Rigney, Jno. 808 ( Rignay on roll ) Rettman, Jno.  504 ( Rittman on roll ) Roberts, Wm.  355 
Rodgers, H  1866 Rowbery, P.  740 (Roubery on roll ) Rowan, H.  510 Rule, W.  548 
Rutter, T.  1452 Ryan, Jas.  2176 Salter, G.  488 Sainey, F.  529 ( Sarney on roll ) 
Sears, H.  279 Sellwood, W.  1971 Sharp, F.  147  Shaw, R.  200 
Shea, D.  497 Sheather, H.  1130 Shrimpton, Jno.   1396 Silcock, R.  649 
Skelton. W. 384 Smith, C.  506 Smith, C.  1867 Smith, E.  1047 
Smith, G.  58 Smith, Jas.  1903 Speed, T.  396 Drummer Stansfield, S.  114 
Stevens, H.    851 Stevens, W.  20 Strange, E.  900 Sullivan, Jno.  1495 
Sullivan, P.  888 Sutton P.  161 Swaffer, R.  664  Tate, R.   1779 
Taylor, E   659 Terry, James  1670 Theobold, W.  1753 Thomas, Jno.   636 
Thomas, J. B. 765 Drummer Thompson, Jno.  1787 Thomett, Thos.  34  Lance-Corporal Thrassell, C.  33  
Tillisard, H.   317  Tinnery, T. 383 (Tuneny on despatch) Todd, G.  1782 Townsend, J.  209  
Trowell, W.  543 Tullett, Jas.  16 Turner, E (Mounted Troop).   964 Vines, G.  85 
Walker, E.  444  Walker, E.  925 Walsh, Thos.  285 Walsh, Thos.  493 
Walsh, W.  851 Walton, W.  596 ( Walham on despatch ) Warner, J.  531 Watkins, H. W.  380 ( W only on roll ) 
Watley, Jno. 1152  Watts, H.  1919 Webb, T.  607 Lance-Corporal Wetherhead, H.  489 
Whelan, Jno. 642  Whelan, Tho.  1184  Whybrow, E. 591 Wilkinson, A. 297  
Wilks, F.  134 Williams, Ellis  455 Williams, E.  778 Williams, J.  545 
Williams, Jno.  582 Williams, Jas.  868 Williams, M.  288 Williams, Thos.  534 
Williams, Thos.  624 Williams W.E. 698 Wilson, J.  1267 Wilson, S.  533 
Wisher. W 227 Wood, Jas.  888 Drummer Wolfendale, A.  2004  Drummer Wolfendale, J.  1399   
Wooley, Jno.  1266 (Woolley ?? ) Worthington, E. 589 Wright, R.  1768 Lance-Corporal Young, T.  1654 
2nd Battalion 24th Regiment. 
Lieutenant Pope, C. d'A.
Godwin-Austen, F.G  ("Austen" only on the despatch)
Dyer, H. J.
Sub-Lieut. Griffiths, T. L. G. (Griffith?)
Quartermaster Bloomfield, E. 

Band Mstr. Bullard, H.T. 1777
Quartermaster-Sergt. Davis, G. 1689
Lines, J.  2227 Chew, C.  (Cook Sergeant on the roll) Ross, J.  50 Reeves, W. J. G.  1078 
Carse, H.  927 Shaw, W.  2336 Wilkins, G.  889   
McCaffrey, James.   1755 Haig, Joseph.  1217 Williams, Thomas. 1328   
Henshaw,  J.  1248 Sims, G.  673 Low, J. M.  657 Thompson, T.  1103 
Mortlock, H.  725 Greenhill, W.  1268     
Lance-Corporals, Drummers, Privates, Boys (Privates unless stated otherwise) 
Allen, Joseph.  1266 Barton, J. W.  1142 Bevan, S.    1471 Bennett, Thomas.  1413  
Bishop, H.   1550 Bray, A.  854 Bridgewater, Francis.    114 Brierly, J. P. 2053 
Broderick, M.  960 Bryant, J.  1177 Buckley, Robert.   517 Bull, T.    1262 
Byard, A.  1500 Byrne, John.   721 Byrne, J. 1671 Carroll, Thomas.   1336 
Charles, W.   1510 Cherry, F.  1598 Cleary, M.   723 Cole, Thomas.   801 Rorke's Drift. 
Cornish, T. 819 Davies, George.    1031 Davies, John. J.  743 Davis, David.   1414 
Davis, J.  121 Davis, J.  894.   Donegan, Michael.   1026 Dowle, John.    872 
Earish, John.   2081 Edwards, E.   1166 Edwards, John.  786 Emerson, Robert.   1378 
Lance-Corporal Elvey, J,   929 Evans, J.  1389 Farr, Alfred.  1041  Finn, T.  1963 
Fitton, G.  2037 Fitzpatrick, M.  1519 Flynn, D.  1030 Flynn, Joseph.   2222 
Fortune, Michael.   738 Fox, T.    1162 Fry. J.  2335 Gee, William.   1771 
Ghost, George.    619 Boy Gordon. D.   1491 Griffiths, William. (V.C.)  1056 Boy Gurney, J. 1494 
Hacker, Samuel.    1272 Hall, B.  1527 Hall, C.  1636 Hall, John.  1260 
Hall, William.  1297 Hankin, L 618 Hawkins, W.  2323 Healey, John. 1219 
Hill, James. E.   1313 Hopkins, R. H.  887 Horrocks, G.  866 Howells, Robert.   791 
Hudson, George.   1678 Hughes, F.  1024 Hunt, John.   1593 Jenkins, W.  1135 
Johnstone, William.   1025 Jones,  Abraham, 1097 Jones,   E,  983 Jones,  J. 948 
Jones, T.  976 Jones,   T  1511 Jones, T. 1382 Jones, William.  804 
Kelly, J.  2400 Kennedy, T.  1707 King, Joseph.  1057 Latham, B. 654 
Lewis, E.   1532 Lewis, J.   1957 Llewellyn, James.  70 Long, Charles.  762 
Lynch, Thomas.  1273 Machin, John.   671 Mack, James.   1197 Malley, Edward. 1015  
Marsh, John.   1349 Martingale, E.  2434 McCaffrey, P.  1225 McCormack, J.  2276 
McCracken, S.  1458 McDoon, G.  1221 Boy McEwan, Joseph. S.   1387 McGuire, J.   1338 
Mockler, Michael.  1168  Montgomery, Thomas.  1128 Moore, F.  726 Morgan, J.  1506 
Morris, Alfred.  788 Morrisey, James.   1412 Mulroy, P. 1994 Murphy, J.  1469 
Neagle, T.  1036 Nobes, R.  1901 O'Keefe, T.  1549 Perkins, Hugh.    1134 
Phillips, David.   1383 Poole, Samuel.   586 Popple, Samuel.   1709 Price, H.  945 
Price, J.  1098 Pritchard, David. 1576   Quilford, T.   949 Quinn, J.  1868 
Rees, William.    1411 Rice, Walter.   692 Roche, John.   781 Roche, M.  1505 
Sanders, T.  850 Scott, J.   813 Sheen, W.    779 Sherwood, Samuel.    1169 
Shuttleworth, William.   79 Slade, H.  895 Smith, Charles. M.   1487 Smith, Daniel.   1096 
Smith, F.  1143 Smith, Henry.  907 Smith, J.  1005 Smith, Patrick.  912 
Smith, R.  1495 Stevens, Robert.   1484 Terrett, W. 782 Thomas, David.   1218 
Thompson, G  1107 Treverton, Richard.  951 Turner, E.  2358 Velder, T. 653 
Walker, Samuel.  2038 Waters, E. 1543 Waterhouse, W.  513 Watkins, J.  1191 
Watson, G.  1518 White, J.  1132 White, T.  794 Wightman,  Adam.  1095 
Williams, E.   1463 Williams, E.   1470 Williams, Evan.   1023 Williams, George.    987 
Williams, T. 1140 Williamson, James.   2047 Wood, G.  689 Wright, J.  1138 
Young, Edward.  1093       
Army Service Corps. 
Corporal Pritchard, Joseph J. T/2654 Private Cole, Jno, T/108 Private Jaques, A. T/1599   (Wm on the Despatch?)   
Army Hospital Corps. 
Lieutenant of Orderlies; Hall, A.W.
Corporal Lee, J,  2393 Private Cain, A, 3201 Private Lewis. H.W. 3421 Private Deane. J  2083 
Private Hughes.  J 3290 Private Munn. G.G. 3354 Private Gilman. J 3147 Private Hogan. J 2852 
Private Lovell, W. 2695 Private Baker. G, 3148     
Army Medical Department. 
Surgeon-Major Shepherd  P.
Boy Green, servant to Surg.-Major Shepherd   
Mounted Infantry. 
Qm- Sgt.  Johnson, Wm.  1271 Chesterton, John  1377 Holman, Edwd  1433 McDonald, Wm.  559 
Shoeing-Sm. Seymour, Wm.  695  (Pte. on the roll) Private Whitehouse, Joseph    60     
9th Lancers       
Farrier Sampson, H.         
6th Dragoon Guards        
Private McStravick, Jno.       
2 Btn, 3rd       
Private Shaw, James  45/810 Private Wheatley, Geo. 45/389     
1st Btn., 24th       
Turner, Edwd. 946 (listed in the despatch twice see 1/24th above)       
Civ. Servant       
Popworth, Wm., servant to Capt. Gardner, special service Turner, Robt., servant to Capt. Hallam Parr, 13th Regt. 
Natal Mounted Police.   (rank is Trooper unless stated otherwise) 
Corporal Lally  H. Lance-Corporal Campbell  H.C. Banger, G. H. Berry  H. 
Blakeman  E. Clark, J.  (Cpl on roll ) Capps  H.I. (Cpl on roll ) Daniels  S. (Cpl on roll) 
Dorey  C.T. (Cpl on roll) Eason  J.A. Fletcher  W. Hunter  S. ( KIA Rorkes Drift) 
Lloyd  H.C. McRae  T. Meares, C.H. Neil   H. 
Parsons  A.B. Pearce  H.T. Pleydell  J.W. Pollard  A.F. 
Secretan, A. Siddall  J.W.M.  Stimpson   W.E. Thicke  S.C. 
White, C.   Winkles H.     
Natal Carbineers.   (rank is Trooper unless stated otherwise) 
Lieutenant Scott, F. J..D.
Quartermaster London, W.
Quartermaster-Sergt. Bullock, W.
(J. C. on Despatch) Blakie, J. A. Borrain G. Christian  C.G.S. 
Deane, J. Davis, H. Dickinson, H. Hawkins, V.C.. 
Hayhow, H. Haldane  C. Jackson, R Jackson, F. 
Lumley, W. Macleroy, G.T. Mendenhall, W  Moodie, M  
Ross,. J   Swift, W. Tarbaton, E Whitelaw, J. 
Newcastle Mounted Rifles. 
Captain Bradstreet
Quartermaster Hitchcock
Sergeant Swan Trooper Barnes Trooper Greenbank Trooper McAlister 
Trooper Dinkelman       
Buffalo Border Guard. 
Trooper Eary Trooper Guttridge. Trooper Wehr   
1st Battalion 3rd Regiment, Natal Native Contingent  
Captain Krohn, Robert
Captain Lonsdale, Jas.
Lieutenant Avery, Samuel
Lieutenant Holcraft, Frank
Lieutenant Jameson, Chas.
Acting-Surgeon Bull, Frank
Quartermaster McCormick, Jno
Interpreter Grant, Samuel
Connock, J. Cole, J. Church, H Welsh, J. 
Patterson, C. Galling, W. Bryant, G. Atkins, H. 
Russell, W. Donnell Golding, W. McCarty, W. 
Humphries, W.       
Sibley, F. Anderson, W Palmer, R Balmore, J. 
Duprie, J O'Connell, D. O'Neil, M. Davidson, 
Quinn, J. Willey, W. Pearson, J. Price, W. 
Hospital-Sergeant Cane Conductor Doyle Conductor Le Roue Cook Neil, Geo. 
2nd Battalion 3rd Regiment, Natal Native Contingent  
Captain Erskine, Edwd.
Captain Barry, A. T. 
Captain Murray, O. E 
Lieutenant Pritchard, R. A 
Lieutenant Young, L. D. 
Lieutenant Gibson, Arthur 
Lieutenant Standish 
Lieutenant Rivers, H. O. 
Quartermaster Chambers, A. 
Quart.-Mr. Sergeant Farr, A. Schaap, D. Phillips, S. Brebner, W. 
Murray, W. Hamilton, W Allen, J. Mowbray, G. 
Broderick, A. Broderick, M. Moore, G Kemp, W. 
Elverson, G       
Walker, J. Green, W. Delaharpe, D. Sturk, H. 
Harrington, T. Willis, J. Styles, R Caufield, J. 
Welsh, E. Allen, W. Schneither, L. De Villiers, D. 
Stapleton, W. Laughlin, W. Pitzer, T.   
90th Regiment 
Broadhurst, G. 1570 Edwards, H. 1183 Healey, W. 1593 Patterik, D 1610 
Walsh, T. 1474 Wickham, C. 1668     

Men attached to the Personal Staff of the Lieutenant-General as Servants. (as per the despatch, make of it what you will. We have found Aynsley RN who appears to be mistakenly recorded as an  Inyezane Naval Brigade casualty with some sources - but the despatch clearly states Isandhlwana. We have also found Thompson ,80th and added some details - the rest we have left) 
Colour-Sergeant M. C. Keane, Staff Clerk to Military Secretary.       
Royal Navy 
Signalman Aynsley,William Henry 55652.  HMS Active       
Army Service Corps       
Farrier Wright.       
1st 24th Regiment       
Private Hughes.       
2nd 24th Regiment       
Private Williamson.       
25th Regiment       
Private Fitzpatrick.        
31st Regiment       
Private Watson.        
80th Regiment       
Sergeant Thompson, H. 2081       
Mr. Laparra, General's Cook.  

'Ah! Those red soldiers at Isandlwana, how few they were, and how they fought! 
They fell like stones-each man in his place.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Remembering the Brave Zulu Warriors who fell at Isandlwana.
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Roll of Honour (Rorke's Drift)

22nd/23rd January 1879

General’s Staff                                                                                                                                          

Mabin, George William.Colour-Sergeant

Royal Artillery N Battery 5th Brigade

Cantwell, John. Gunner 2076, awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal
Evans, Abraham. Gunner 1643
Howard, Arthur. Gunner 2077
Lewis, Thomas. Bombardier. 458

Royal Engineers 5th Company

Chard, John Rouse Merriott, Lieutenant, awarded Victoria Cross
Robson, Charles John, Driver. 12046 (Chard's Batman)

2nd Battalion, 3rd (East Kent) Regiment of Foot (The Buffs)

Milne, Frederick. Sergeant. 2260

1st Battalion, 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot

Beckett, William. Private. 25B/135, died of wounds 23 January 1879
Desmond, Patrick. Private. 25B/568
Horrigan, William. Private. 1-24/1861, killed in action 22 January 1879
Jenkins, James. Private. 25B/841, killed in action 22 January 1879
Nicholas, Edward. Private. 25B/625, killed in action 22 January 1879
Payton, Thomas. Private. 25B/372
Roy, William. Private. 1-24/1542, awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal
Turner, Henry. Private. 25B/l04
Waters, John. Private. 1-24/447
Wilson, Edward. Sergeant. 25B/56

2nd Battalion, 24th Regiment (2nd Warwickshire)

Adams, Robert. Private. 25B/987 D Company, killed in action 22 January 1879
Allen, William Wilson. Corporal. 2-24/1240, B Company, awarded Victoria Cross
Ashton, James. Private. 2-24/913, B Company
Barry, Thomas. Private. 25B/1381, B Company
Bennett, William Private. 25B/918, B Company
Bessell, William. Lance-Corporal. 25B/l287, B Company
Bly, John. Private. 2-24/2427, B Company
Bourne, Frank. Colour-Sergeant. 2-24/2459, B Company, awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal
Bromhead, Gonville. Lieutenant, B Company, awarded Victoria Cross
Bromwich, Joseph. Private. 25B/1524, B Company
Buckley, Thomas. Private. 25B/1184, B Company
Burke, Thomas. Private. 25B/1220, B Company
Bushe, James. Private. 2-24/2350, B Company
Camp, William Henry. Private. 25B/1181, B Company
Chester, Thomas. Private. 25B/1241, B Company
Chick, James. Private. 25B/1335 D Company, killed in action 22 January 1879
Clayton, Thomas. Private. 25B/755, B Company
Cole, Robert. Private. 25B/1459, F Company
Cole, Thomas. Private. 25B/801 B Company, killed in action 22 January 1879
Collins, Thomas. Private.25B/1396, B Company
Connolly, John. Private. 25B/906, C Company
Connors, Anthony. Private. 2-24/2310, B Company
Connors, Timothy. Private. 2-24/1323, B Company
Cooper, William. Private. 2-24/2453, F Company
Davies, George. Private. 25B/470, B Company
Davis, William Henry. Private. 25B/1363, B Company
Daw, Thomas. Private. 25B/1178, B Company
Deacon, George. Private. 25B/1467, B Company, alias George D Power
Deane, Michael. Private. 25B/1357, B Company
Dick, James. Private. 2-24/1697, B Company
Dicks, William. Private. 2-24/1634, B Company
Driscoll, Thomas. Private. 25B/971, B Company
Dunbar, James. Private. 25B/1421, B Company
Edwards, George. Private. 25B/922, B Company, alias George Edward Orchard
Evans, Frederick. Private. 25B/953, H Company
Fagan, John. Private. 25B/969 B Company, killed in action 22 January 1879
French, George. Corporal. 2-24/582, B Company
Galgey, Patrick. Drummer 2-24/1713, D Company
Gallagher, Henry. Sergeant. 25B/81, B Company
Gee, Edward. Private. 2-24/2429, B Company
Hagan, James. Private. 25B/978, B Company
Halley, William. Lance-Corporal. 25B/l282, B Company
Harris, John. Private. 25B/1062, B Company
Hayden, Garret. Private. 2-24/1769 D Company, killed in action 22 January 1879
Hayes, Patrick. Drummer 2-24/2067, B Company
Hitch, Frederick. Private. 25B/1362, B Company, awarded Victoria Cross
Hook, Alfred Henry. Private. 25B/1373, B Company, awarded Victoria Cross
Jobbins, John. Private. 25B/1061, B Company
Jones, Evan. Private. 25B/1428, B Company, alias Patrick Cosgrove
Jones, John. Private. 25B/1179, B Company
Jones, John. Private. 25B/970, B Company
Jones, Robert. Private. 258/716, B Company, awarded Victoria Cross
Jones, William. Private. 2-24/593, B Company, awarded Victoria Cross
Judge, Peter. Private. 2-24/2437, B Company
Kears, Patrick. Private. 25B/972, B Company
Keefe, James. Drummer 2-24/2381, B Company
Key, John. Corporal. 2-24/2389, B Company
Kiley, Michael. Private. 25B/1386, B Company
Lewis, David. Private. 25B/963, B Company, alias James Owen
Lines, Henry. Private. 2-24/1528, B Company
Lloyd, David. Private. 25B/1409, B Company
Lockhart, Thomas. Private. 25B/1176, B Company
Lodge, Joshua. Private. 25B/1304, B Company
Lynch, Thomas Michael. Private. 25B/942, B Company
Lyons, John. Corporal. 25B/1112, B Company
Lyons. John. Private. 2-24/1441, A Company
Manley, John. Private. 2-24/1731, A Company
Marshall, James. Private. 25B/964, B Company
Martin, Henry. Private. 25B/756, B Company
Mason, Charles. Private. 25B/1284, B Company
Maxfield, Robert. Sergeant. 25B/623 G Company, killed in action 22 January 1879
Meehan, John. Drummer 2-24/2383, A Company
Minihan, Michael. Private. 2-24/1527, B Company
Moffatt, Thomas. Private. 25B/968, B Company
Morris, Augustus. Private. 25B/1342, B Company
Morris, Frederick. Private. 25B/525, B Company
Morrison, Thomas. Private. 25B/1371, B Company
Murphy, John. Private. 25B/662, B Company
Neville, William. Private. 25B/1279, B Company
Norris, Robert. Private. 25B/1257, B Company
Osborne, William. Private. 25B/1480, B Company
Parry, Samuel. Private. 25B/1399, B Company
Partridge, William. Private. 25B/1410, G Company
Pitt, Samuel. Private. 25B/1186, B Company
Robinson, Edward. Private. 25B/1286, B Company
Ruck, James. Private. 25B/1065, B Company
Savage, Edward. Private. 25B/1185, B Company
Saxty, Alfred. Corporal. 25B/849, B Company
Scanlon, John. Private. 25B/1051 A Company, killed in action 22 January 1879
Sears, Arthur. Private. 2-24/2404, A Company
Shearman, George. Private. 2-24/1618, B Company
Shergold, John. Private. 2-24/914, B Company
Smith, George. Sergeant. 2-24/1387, B Company
Smith, John. Private. 25B/1005, B Company
Stevens ,Thomas. Private. 25B/777, B Company
Tasker, William. Private. 2-24/1812, B Company
Taylor, Frederick. Private. 25B/973, B Company
Taylor, James. Lance-Sgt. 25B/82, E Company
Taylor, Thomas Edward. Private. 25B/889, B Company
Thomas, John. Private. 25B/1280, B Company, alias Peter Sawyer
Thompson, John. Private. 25B/1394, B Company
Tobin, Michael. Private. 25B/879, B Company
Tobin, Patrick. Private. 25B/641, B Company
Todd, William John. Private. 25B/1281, B Company
Tongue, Robert. Private. 25B/1315, B Company
Wall, John. Private. 25B/1497, B Company
Whetton, Alfred. Private. 2-24/977, B Company
Wilcox, William. Private. 25B/1187, B Company

Williams, John. Private. 25B/1395, B Company, awarded Victoria Cross, alias John Fielding [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Williams, John. Private. 25B/934, E Company
Williams, Joseph. Private. 25B/1398 B Company, killed in action 22 January 1879
Williams, Thomas. Lance-Sergeant. 25B/1328, died of wounds 23 January 1879
Windridge, Joseph. Sergeant. 2-24/735, B Company
Wood, Caleb. Private. 25B/1316, B Company

90th Light Infantry

Graham, James. Corporal. 1123, alias Daniel Sheehan

Army Service Corps

Attwood, Francis. Second Corporal. 24692, awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal 

Army Commissariat and Transport Department

Byrne, Louis Alexander. Acting Storekeeper, (civilian attachment), killed in action 22 January 1879
Dalton, James Langley. Acting Assistant Commissary, awarded Victoria Cross
Dunne, Walter Alphonsus. Assistant. Commissary

Army Medical Department and Army Hospital Corps

Reynolds, James Henry. Surgeon. BA MB ChB, awarded Victoria Cross
Pearse, Mr., Surg. Reynolds’s servant
Luddington, Thomas. Private.
McMahon, Michael. Private. 3359, awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal
Miller, Robert. Corporal.

1st Battalion 3rd Regiment Natal Native Contingent

Adendorff, Gert Wilhelm
Mayer, Jessy H. Corporal.
A native of Mkungo’s tribe, killed in action 22 January 1879

2nd Battalion 3rd Regiment Natal Native Contingent

Anderson, Michael. Corporal. , killed whilst deserting 22 January 1879
Doughty, William. Corporal.
Scammell, Carl. Corporal.
Schiess, Ferdnand Christian. Corporal., awarded Victoria Cross
Wilson, John. Corporal

Natal Mounted Police

Green, Robert S. Trooper.
Hunter, Sydney H. Trooper., killed in action 22 January 1879
Lugg, Henry. Trooper.

Acting Chaplain to the Volunteers

Smith, George. The Reverend
The Rev Smith’s native servant
Mr Daniels

Those that did not remain to assist in the defence viz. Stevenson's Natal Native
Contingent detachment, Henderson’s fugitive Natal Native Horse from Isandhlwana, Otto Witt and his native companion,
Lieutenant Thomas Purvis 1st Battalion, 3rd Regiment, Natal Native Contingent - a hospital patient - who accompanied
Witt to safety, Chard’s native voodooper, Chard’s native waggon driver who hid In a cave on the Oscarberg throughout
the attack, and all those fugitives from Isandhlwana who stopped to give a warning and rode on. Of all the latter only Adendorff
remained to assist in the defence and is thus the only man to have fought in both the Isandhlwana and Rorke’s Drift actions.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Remembering the Brave Zulu Warriors who fell at the mission station Rorkes Drift.
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PostSubject: Re: Remembering all  those that were K.I.A 22nd / 23rd Jan 1879. 136th Anniversary.    Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:09 pm

Salute  All ways remembered!

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PostSubject: Re: Remembering all  those that were K.I.A 22nd / 23rd Jan 1879. 136th Anniversary.    Thu Jan 22, 2015 12:49 am

To all those who lie under the cairns, and in particular Lance Corporal 489 Henry Weatherhead 1/24th. RIP.

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PostSubject: Remembering all those KIA 22-23 Jan 1879    Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:44 am

In the world of todays communications , if they existed in 1879 , a newsflash an hour or so ago would've been '' It seems Pulleine has a battle on his hands '' ! .
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PostSubject: Re: Remembering all  those that were K.I.A 22nd / 23rd Jan 1879. 136th Anniversary.    Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:12 pm

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And RD still continues!!! Salute
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Bless them all -on both sides- 136 years on.
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PostSubject: Re: Remembering all  those that were K.I.A 22nd / 23rd Jan 1879. 136th Anniversary.    Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:56 pm

they have found their place in the halls of valhalla where the brave may live forever
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PostSubject: Re: Remembering all  those that were K.I.A 22nd / 23rd Jan 1879. 136th Anniversary.    

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Remembering all  those that were K.I.A 22nd / 23rd Jan 1879. 136th Anniversary.
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