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Captain David Moriarity, 80th, KIA Ntombe
This photograph taken when he was in the 7th Regiment prior to his transfer to the 80th. [Mac & Shad] (Isandula Collection)
The Battle of Isandlwana: One of The Worst Defeats of The British Empire - Military History

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 British Rule.

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PostSubject: British Rule.   Thu May 05, 2011 8:56 pm

What was the Zulu attitude after the Zulu War had ended. It's fairly obvious that the Zulu lived in fear of their king. Were they happier to be under British Rule or unhappy. But what I can gather, their lives didn't really change much apart the fear had been taken away. I know there was an up rising in 1906 but I looking for information prior to that.

Thanks in advance.
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Mr Greaves


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PostSubject: Re: British Rule.   Fri May 06, 2011 9:46 pm

"If you ask a Zulu why he likes the white men to live amongst them he will smile, roll his brown eyes almost coquettishly, and say : " He gives me leekle bit money." But this ignoble reason does not stand alone ; he looks up to the white man, and, in towns especially, imitates him to a degree which is at times positively ludicrous. It is an infinite pity that some of the white men with whom he comes in contact are not worthy of being imitated by the despised black, who unfortunately follows an example, be it good or bad, without much discrimination."

" I submit that in the interests of the Zulus themselves we have no right to leave them to their fate. The present system of Cetewayo is no real choice of the nation. It is simply a reign of terror, such as has before now been imposed on some of the most civilized nations of the world. The people themselves are everything that could be desired as the unimproved material of a very fine race. They seem to have all the capacities for forming a really happy and civilized community where law, order, and right shall prevail, instead of the present despotism of a ruthless savage. " They might, by living alongside a civilized community, gradually imbibe civilized ideas and habits. But for this purpose it is necessary that their neighbours should be able to live in security, which, as I have already said, seems to me hopeless unless the military organization and power of Cetewayo be broken down."

Source: NMP
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British Rule.
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