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 Capt. S. Nairne

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PostSubject: Capt. S. Nairne   Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:44 pm


Crowkie, Great photo, Do you have any further information on Capt. S. Nairne. Always good to have familey members on the forum.

"Lieut. Colonel. S. Malthus, C.B. Commanded the regt. during the war. Was in command of the advance post at Landman’s Drift. Present at the battle of Ulundi. (Mentioned in despatches; C.B.)
Bt. Lieut. Colonel. J. Murray, C.B. Served with the regt. during the war. Was present at the battle of Ulundi.Commanded a portion of the attack against Sekhukhuni’s stronghold. (Mentioned in despatches; C.B.) Bt. Lieut. Colonel. Anstruther, P.R. Served during the war. Was present at the battle of Ulundi. (Mentioned indespatches.) Commanded the two cos. on detachment at KwaMagwasa. Was present at the taking ofSekhukhuni’s town. (Mentioned in despatches; Brevet of Lieut. Col.)Bt. Major. Browne, J. Served with the regt. during both the Zulu and Sekhukhuni campaigns.
Captain. Montague, W.E.
Captain. Campbell, F.B.
Captain. Bowlby, G.R.S
Captain. Froom, G.
Captain. Nairne, S.N.M’L.
Captain. Brook, E.S.
Captain. Poe, J.H.
Captain. Brooke, G.L.
Captain. Spooner, H.W.W. (Late 94th.) Capt. Montague served with the regt. until he was appointed Staff Officer to Col. Collingwood, commanding 2nd Brigade, Newdigate’s Div., in which capacity he served until the forces were reorganized. Served also in the Sekhukhuni campaign until invalided home in consequence of a severe fall from his horse. Capts. Campbell, Nairne, and E.S. Brook served with the regt. during the war, were present at the battle of Ulundi, and served also through the whole of the Sekhukhuni campaign. The late Capt.Bowlby, who was killed, on the 12th July, by a wounded leopard in the Transvaal, served with the regt. during the war. Capts. Froom and Poe served with the regt. until, early in April, they were left on detachment at
Greytown (Capt. Froom commanding), where they remained until they rejoined the HQ at Hlobane; they subsequently took part in the Sekhukhuni campaign. Capt. L.G. Brooke was Adjt. of the regt. during the war; he was slightly wounded at the battle of Ulundi. (Mentioned in despatches.) Capt. Spooner served with the regt.during the war"
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PostSubject: Re: Capt. S. Nairne   Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Capt. S. Nairne   Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:42 pm

Extract The Battle of Bronkhorstspruit.


the soldiers advanced beyond a small stream in front of them, it
would be taken as a declaration of war. Colonel Anstruther, with
Conductor Egerton, had ridden out in front of the advance-guard to
meet this flag of truce ; after he had read the message, the carrier
of it informed him verbally that two minutes were allowed for his
decision. Colonel Anstruther verbally replied that he should march
on to Pretoria, and, to use his own words, as published in his des-
patch written just before he died, the Boer messenger ' said that he
would take my message to the Commandant-General ; and I asked
him to let me know the result, to which he nodded assent. Almost
immediately, however, the enemy's line advanced.'

Whilst this short parley was going on every effort was being made
in the rear to get the wagons up, but without much good result,
because when the Boers opened fire the rear-guard would be at
least half a mile behind the head of the column. Even those who
were guarding the wagons had not time to join the main body. When
Colonel Anstruther saw the Boers advancing, he gave the order to
his men to extend in skirmishing order, but before they could open
out to more than loose files they were met with a murderous volley,
and at the same moment Boers on right and left flank and in the
rear picked off every man within sight. Our men returned the fire
as best they could, but in less than ten minutes 120 were either
killed or wounded, besides a large proportion of the oxen in the
wagons shot. The officers, who exposed themselves fearlessly, were
picked off almost immediately by the Boer marksmen. Captain
Nairne, Lieutenant M 'Sweeney, Lieutenant and Adjutant Harrison,
Lieutenant Hume, Deputy -Assistant Commissary -General Carter,
Conductor Egerton, Surgeon Ward, were all wounded, besides
Colonel Anstruther himself, who was shot in two or three places.

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PostSubject: Re: Capt. S. Nairne   Tue Oct 30, 2012 10:09 pm

In addition, there were large numbers in rear and on pur right flank, but what number I am unable to state, nor have I been able since to obtain any accurate information; but from the report of the officer commanding the rear-guard, and from the statements of the Boers themselves after the action, I do not think that from 1,200 to 1,500 would be overstating their numbers. The Boers sent forward a flag of truce half-way between the lines, and I walked to meet it. The bearer handed me an English letter, signed by Piet Joubert, and countersigned by other Boers,requesting me to wait at 'the spot where. I then was. until a reply had been received to an ultimatum that had been sent to Sir Owen Lanyon. I told the interpreter I could not do so, as I had orders to proceed with all possible dispatch to Pretoria, and that I had no wish to meet him hostilely.
He said that he would take my rnessasze -to the Commandant-General, and I asked him to let me know the result, to which he nodded assent.
Almost immediately, however, the enemy's line advanced. I ran back as fast as I could, ordering the leading company to skirmish, but before. they could open put to more than loose files a murderous fire was poured upon them, which was as hotly returned. The fire lasted for less than a quarter of an hour, when observing that all the officers and about two out of three of the non-commissioned officers and men were either, dead or wounded, I ordered the cease fire to be sounded, and hoisted a flag of truce to save the. lives of the remainder. In, the meantime, fighting was going on all along the line of- wagons up to the rear-guard, about 20-0 Boers firing a volley within 430 yards, then, dashing up to the wagons, shooting the oxen, particularly the leading ones, and killing or wounding a great many of- the men in charge. Immediately after the flag of truce was hoisted, Commandant Joubert came forward and shook hands with me, saying he was sorry to see me wounded. He then ordered the remainder of the men to surrender their arms, accoutrements, &c., together with all the wagons, to proceed to their camp, some' distance off, promising, however, that 'all the private baggage should be returned; he also allowed 18 men to be left to attend to the wounded, and the remainder, about 40 noncommissioned officers and men, and Captain and Paymaster Elliott, A.P.D. (not wounded), to proceed to their camp en route to- Heidelburg, where he was proceeding the same afternoon with his army.
Our casualties are as follows :—
94th Foot.—Captain Nairne, Lieutenant Mac-Sweeney, mortally wounded, died in a few hours ;, Lieutenant and Adjutant Harrison ;59, non-commissioned officers and men (includ;cn.g 0 died since action).
Army Service Corps.—2 non-commissioned
officers; Conductor Bancroft.

94th Foot.—Lieutenant-Colonel Anstruther,
dangerously; Lieutenant Hume, severely;
82 non-commissioned officers and men (the
greater part of whom severely); the wife
of Serjeant-Major- Fox, severely.
Army 'Service Corps.—Deputy-Assistant Commissary-
General Carter, dangerously; Con-
' doctor* Egerton, slightly; * 2 non-commisson d officers.
Amy medicaj. Department.—Surgeon Ward,
Army Hospital Qorps.—2 privates.
All horses were killed or taken.
With regard' to the losses of the enemy, it in difficult to give an accurate estimate. The Provost-Sergeant tells me he counted 27 bodies in
one farm and 17 in another waiting for interment. But the Boers are very, reticent on the subject, and I fancy a great many more were killed.
I regret exceedingly the disastrous termination of the engagement, but I trust that it will be considered I did right in surrendering when I
did; outnumbered as we were, we could have no chance of success in continuing it. I also regret that the whole of the Orderly-Room, Paymaster, and Quartermasters' books,&c., have been taken, but I am informed by Commandant Prinsloe, in command here, that they, together with the private property, will be returned. All the officers present at the engagement be-'have dwell, particularly Lieutenant and Adjutant Harrison, who encouraged the men to the utmost of his power until shot through the head alongside me; also Lieutenant Hume, who commanded his company very efficiently. Orderly-Room Clerk Maistre and Serjeant Master-Tailor Pears,in the absence of officers, carried the colours,
and showed good service in hiding them in a wagon.Serjeant-Major Fox and Quartermaster-Sergeant Earle (both wounded), rendered, in the
absence of officers, able assistance, and Sergeants Newton and Hook indefatigably exerted themselves in bringing in the wounded .and burying
the dead all through the night and the following day. Deputy-Assistant Commissary-General Carter, Conductor Egerton and Transport-Ser jeant Bennett, Army Service Corps, were simply indefatigable. They were all wounded, Mr. Carter- very severely, three places, and Serjeant Bennett dangerously, and I am very much afraid that his wounds, may .entail loss of" his thigh. Conductor Egerton, though wounded, volunteered to walk into Pretoria to obtain medical .assistance, and also, to carry in the colours, which. he had judiciously torn from the poles and wrapped round him under his coat. Mess-Serjeant Bradley volunteered to accompany him, and having obtained a safe conduct, they started, and I believe delivered the news about 4 a.m. next morning, having run the distance of 42 miles within 11-hours. It was exceeding fortunate that Providence-,
spared our only Medical Officer and his Assistant . Surgeon. .Ward's work can hardly.be described. .It was. endless for 48 hours; until assistance arrived, he had not one moment to himself In conclusion, I have only to bring to notice " the conduct of the men, which was admirable. They were as steady as rocks, and consoled".! themselves for the surrender with the thought .that the tables would be turned before long. The Boers are very sorry at having wounded a.woman, and the minute after the arms were laid' down, they became most, obliging and civil. They offered to get us everything they could for.our comfort, and it was not a hollow promise. Every day they come in numbers, bringing milk, butter, eggs, bread, apricots, &c., and if a -man goes to any of their farms they at once,'"without payment, give him anything he wants.
I have, -&
(Signed) PHILIP R. ANSTRUTHER,,Lieut.-Colonel Commanding- 94th Regiment. ;

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PostSubject: Re: Capt. S. Nairne   Sun Jul 06, 2014 4:34 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Capt. S. Nairne   Sun Jul 06, 2014 11:39 pm

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John Young


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PostSubject: Re: Capt. S. Nairne   Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:50 am

I appreciate that Littlehand has already included this image in an earlier post, but hopefully this is slightly clearer:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Capt. S. Nairne, 94th Regiment

John Y.
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Mr Greaves


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PostSubject: Re: Capt. S. Nairne   Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:10 pm

Les what's the film title.
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John Young


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PostSubject: Re: Capt. S. Nairne   Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:22 pm

Mr. Greaves,

It is a South African film entitled Majuba: Heuwel van Duiwe.

Made in 1968 - see IMDB for cast etc & etc: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0345613/

John Y.

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PostSubject: Re: Capt. S. Nairne   Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:00 pm

Hiya Mr Greaves, its as JY says..the dialogue is
in Afrikaans but the Brits speak English, quite a
rare Film i would think.. i got an original copy
from Fables bookshop in Grahamstown south
africa, there on the net.
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PostSubject: Re: Capt. S. Nairne   

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Capt. S. Nairne
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