Film Zulu Dawn:Lt. Col. Pulleine: His Lordship is of the cetain opinion that it's far too difficult an approach to be chosen by the Zulu command. Col. Durnford: Yes, well... difficulty never deterred a Zulu commander.
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Brev. Lt-Col. R.H. Buller, VC, Staff
Brev. Lt-Col. R.H. Buller, VC, Staff: 2/60th KRRC-Zungwini,Hlobane, Khambula, Ulundi [Mac and Shad] Isandula Collection
Anglo-Zulu War 1879 - Dr David Rattray

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PostSubject: No. 10 BATTERY, 7 TH BRIGADE.   Thu Feb 11, 2010 6:23 pm

Capts. MacLean and Evans arrived at Durban on the 26th March 1880, with half a battery of Garrison Artillery,Three 7-pounder guns, and a co. of the 88th Connaught Rangers, forming a detachment sent from Mauritius onReceipt of the news of the disaster at Isandlwana.Major Owen, who had been sent to Malta to represent the War Office on the important committee of inquiry on The bursting of a gun o n board H.M.S. “Thunderer,” arrived in Natal shortly afterwards, and, assuming command of the battery,proceeded to organize it as a Mounted Gatling Field Battery, the first of its kind in the British Army.

At the end of about a month a sufficiency of horses, mules, camp equipment, &. was obtained to enable it To proceed up country, and, leaving Pietermaritzburg on the 5th May, it was able, by dint of rapid marching, too Join Newdigate’s Div. before the latter left Landsman’s Drift. Joining the Flying Column at Munhla Hill, Owen’s Battery took part with that force, from the 26th May, in all its subsequently operations.

After returning from the Upoko River to the position where Fort Newdigate was erected, the two Gatling guns under Capt. MacLean, with Capt. Evans, remained temporarily on detachment at that post, the remainder of the battery going back with the Column to Landsman’s Drift for supplies. The battery subsequently took part in the advance of the Flying Column Into the enemy’s country.

On the 3rd July the Gatlings came into action to cover the retreat of the cavalry reconnaissance; and, o n the 4th, took part in the battle of Ulundi, doing great execution. In his despatch, bearing Date 5th July 1879, Brig.-Gen. Wood wrote: “The Gatling guns under Major Owen, R.A., and Lieut. Rundle, R.A., came into action a little in front of the square; combined with the fire of the infantry they effectually Checked the daring attempt of the enemy to come to close quarters.” On the reorganization n of the forces at the end of July, Owen’s Battery was selected to form part of Clarke’s column, and subsequently took part in the operations o f that force. On the breaking up of the Column the battery Made a rapid march fro m St. Paul’s to Durban, where guns, horses, and equipment were returned into store. At the latter end of October it embarked for Mauritius.


Bt. Lieut. Colonel. Owen, J.F. Served in command of his battery from the date of its formation till the conclusion of the war, including the battle of Ulundi. (Mentioned in despatches; Brevet of Lieut. Col.) Captain.Maclean, A.H. Captain. Evans, E.B. Lieutenant. Rundle, H.M.L. Capt. Maclean and Lieut. Rundle served in the battery from the date of its formation till the conclusion of the war, Capt. Maclean remaining on detachment at Fort Newdigate in command of the two Gatlings on the departure of the battery from that post. Capt. Evans, who had taken an active part in the equipment of the battery, remained o n detachment at Fort Newdigate with the two Gatlings, under Capt.
Maclean, on the departure of the HQ from that post. He was subsequently, in June, ordered to England in charge of an officer under arrest. (Lt. Carey - following death of the Prince Imperial)
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