Film Zulu Quotes: Pte. Thomas Cole: Why is it us? Why us? Colour Sergeant Bourne: Because we're here, lad. Nobody else. Just us.
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 Buyer beware!..

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PostSubject: Buyer beware!..   Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:53 pm

I bought this first day cover off e bay last week..
i have seen it kicking about on there for the last
few years, i had looked at it very clearly and i
knew exactly what i was buying!. at the end of the
day i have a bit of ephemera and that just add's to
the pile. my question is.. was this cover officially
sanctioned?. it was certainly signed off. so who can
spot the howler's..

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PostSubject: Re: Buyer beware!..   Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:08 pm

On the cover, it says that De Gonville Bromhead won the VC at RD.....and has him in the 1/24th (SWB) but other than that, I dunno.....
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PostSubject: Buyer Beware    Fri Sep 15, 2017 5:49 am

Hi Les
I also caved in a couple of years back and got one , cant say I've looked at it closely , I also bought the one featuring the Naval Bgde or Eshowe First Day Cover as well . Outside of it mentioning ' De ' Bromhead for Gonville and the SWB I didnt see much else ?? .
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PostSubject: Re: Buyer beware!..   Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:47 pm

Hi SRB, Gary... yes the three mistakes leap off the page.. It was just plain Gonville
Bromhead and he was in the 2nd 24th.. i guess i'm just being picky but i also did
not like to see the SWB badge superimposed on the image of the defence for the
obvious reason that they did not exist until two years later. and the thing that stands
out for me is the fact that the cover is limited to one hundred, mine being number 49.
so that leaves me with the image of the Brigadier signing 100 cover's.. presumably
he looked at the finished product, was satisfied and signed them off. like i say maybe
i'm just being picky, but surely this misrepresent's the actual history of the events!.
i find it very strange. cheers xhosa
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PostSubject: Re: Buyer beware!..   Mon May 28, 2018 10:20 am

Dear Members
I have just registered today.
My farther acquired an Adams III .450 revolver from a Pretorious family in Standerton in 1938.
When my father passed I inherited the Adams revolver in 1973
My father advised me that that revolver was originally given to Commandant-General Andries Wilhelmus Jacobus Pretorius by Paul Kruger in +/-1840.
I had it specailly framed in special glass and wooden frame and hangs in my bar area.
Sadly even as a proud South African I have decided to emigrate early next year and my conscience guided me not to take such a precious piece of Afrikana History from South Africa and am willing to part with this valuable hand gun at a fair market value to some earstwhile collector in South Africa.
I look forward to your replies
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PostSubject: Re: Buyer beware!..   

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Buyer beware!..
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